High Level Seminar on the Digital Economy - A Policy and Statistical Perspective

15-11-2018  – 17-11-2018 Beijing

In recent years, macroeconomic, trade and firm-based analyses have become increasingly challenged due to the transformative impacts of digital technologies on economic activity. This new phenomenon is often referred to as the digital economy. The innovations through digital technology have changed the way products are produced, consumed and traded; jobs and income are generated; and investments are financed. A sound statistical measurement of the transformative impact of the digital economy can help in understanding the dynamics and the structural shifts in the economy and ultimately the impact of the digital economy on the domestic and global economic activity, the use of the environment and the quality of life of individuals. These insights should allow for improved policy and decision making for sustainable development by government and firms in advancing and distributing the benefits the digital technologies and seizing their opportunities while reducing their risks on the economy, society and environment.

The purpose of the high-level seminar is a) to raise awareness about the transformative impacts of digital technologies across our economies, societies and environment, b) to identify policy, research and information gaps as well as ways to improve interdisciplinary actions on the measurement of digital economy, and c) to present concrete proposals to strengthen cooperation for these actions in an inclusive manner.

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International seminar on information and communication technology statistics

19-07-2010  – 21-07-2010 Seoul

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Korea (Statistics Korea) in cooperation with the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development are organizing an International Seminar on Information and Communication Technology Statistics.

.The Seminar takes place at the half-way point between the Tunis phase of the WSIS and 2015, when the United Nations General Assembly will review progress towards achieving the WSIS targets, in line with the MDGs. As such, this Seminar presents a timely opportunity for statistical agencies and other relevant stakeholders to discuss new developments, trends and challenges related to ICT statistics.

The Seminar will in particular facilitate the exchange of experiences and discuss progress on:• ICT statistics and policy making; • Measuring the Information Society, including: (1) New developments in mobile and broadband communication technology, (2) Measuring household ICT access and individual use, (3) Measurement issues related to households ICT surveys; • Measuring the Information Economy, including: (1) Measuring the evolving ICT sector, (2) Measuring ICT use by businesses, (3) Measurement issues related to surveys on ICT use in enterprises.

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