Workshop on CountryData – SDMX for development indicators

25-11-2013  – 29-11-2013 Nairobi

This workshop will provide hands-on practical training to participants in using technologies for data exchange and dissemination with the international level; specifically with CountryData ( for the dissemination of national development indicators.

In the workshop, Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) is used as the preferred standard for allowing National Statistical Offices (NSOs) to automate and standardize data and metadata exchange so that data are more timely and can be updated easily. A focus of the workshop is the process of mapping and exchanging indicators with SDMX through the features added to DevInfo 7 ( as well as a demonstration of more advanced software like SDMX-RI developed by EuroStat.

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Workshop on CountryData – Sharing best practice in the dissemination of national development indicators

29-07-2013  – 02-08-2013 Addis Ababa

This workshop will promote best practice in dissemination of development indicators, including the MDGs through country practice presentations and demonstration of key tools in dissemination, metadata management, exchange (especially through the SDMX standard), communication and promotion of these indicators. This workshop builds on previous workshops conducted in the region and internationally in the area of national development indicators and incorporates the second in a series of four international workshops planned as part of the UNSD-DFID Project on “Improving the collation, availability and dissemination of national development indicators, including MDGs.

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Project on national development indicators, including MDGs kick-off meeting

29-03-2010  – 31-03-2010 Bangkok

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), is organizing a meeting to launch the UNSD/DFID project on Improving the Collation, Availability and Dissemination of Development indicators, including MDGs; at the ESCAP Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, from 29 to 31 March 2010.

The meeting will bring together national experts on developments indicators as well as national data managers from the four Asian countries covered by the project (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam) to review and discuss the following points: (a) Aims and objectives of the project and lessons learnt from the pilot phase; (b) How to improve reporting of development indicators at the country and international level (issues of coordination, availability and frequency of data, agreement on metadata and data discrepancies); (c) Improving dissemination of development indicators (data dissemination policies, current country data dissemination practices, systems and platform for development indicators); (d) Next steps of the project.


  • Francesca Grum, Tel.: +1 212 963 4950, E-mail:

Expert group meeting on SDMX for MDG indicators

23-10-2009  – 23-10-2009 Geneva

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) is organizing an Expert Group Meeting on Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) for Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Indicators. The meeting will be held in Geneva on 23 October 2009, hosted by the International Labour Organization. The purpose of this Expert Group Meeting is to share experiences on the use of the SDMX standards for the exchange of data and metadata on MDG Indicators. The SDMX is a platform for data and metadata exchange that will greatly facilitate the exchange of MDG data among countries and between countries and international agencies. The event will also be an opportunity to review, with national and international experts, the necessary steps to implement the SDMX platform at the national level, including identifying key areas in which international agencies could provide technical assistance.


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