International workshop on economic census, business registers and integrated economic statistics

29-09-2015  – 01-10-2015 Aguascalientes

UNSD is co-organizing an international Workshop on Economic Census, Business Registers and Integrated Economic Statistics together with the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI).

The event will be held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, from 29 September to 1 October 2015, and is part of UNSD’s efforts to promote integrated economic statistics programmes, which will provide governments, researchers, academics, the private sector and the general public with consistent and comprehensive information needed for sound policy and decision-making.

All NSOs in Latin America have been invited to participate, as well as experts from Canada and the United States. The objective of the workshop is to share experiences and knowledge in these areas. Among the specific topics to be discussed are major innovations in collecting and disseminating economic census information; using census results for updating the business register; the challenges and opportunities of maintaining micro-level business statistics; the role of the (statistical) business register in the modernization of statistical production; and linking the business register with international trade statistics. INEGI will also share the first results of the recent Mexican economic census.

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International workshop on short-term statistics

18-05-2015  – 20-05-2015 Beijing

DESA’s Statistics Division is organizing an International Workshop on Short-term Statistics in Beijing, China, from 18-20 July, in collaboration with the National Bureau of Statistics of China. This workshop is part of a series of events organized under the project on strengthening statistical capacity development in China and other developing countries in Asia funded by the Chinese Government.

The main objectives of the workshop are to:

(a) discuss the compilation and dissemination of short term economic statistics - e.g. business cycle composite indicators, economic tendency surveys and rapid estimates;

(b) share country experience; and

(c) take stock of the status of implementation and challenges in the compilation of short term statistics in the region.

The Workshop will also review the template for short-term economic statistics and metadata which was developed to guide and facilitate the compilation and dissemination of these indicators in countries.

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International conference on the measurement of trade and economic globalization

29-09-2014  – 01-10-2014 Aguascalientes

DESA's Statistics Division and the Statistical Office of Mexico (INEGI) in cooperation with OECD, the World Trade Organization and Eurostat are organizing an international conference on the measurement of trade and economic globalization. The objective of this international conference is to discuss conceptual and practical ways of measuring trade and economic globalization, through the understanding of comprehensive statistical frame, global production and business practices, requirements and micro-data compilation for a global Supply-Use Table, firm heterogeneity and the impact of global production on national, regional and global economy.

This international conference will bring together international and national experts in the compilation of trade, business or national account statistics and analysts/researchers who are interested in measuring trade and economic globalization.

The high level of import content in exports makes gross bilateral trade statistics unsuitable for bilateral trade negotiations. Trade analysis requires new measures which better reflect the level of interdependencies among countries engaged in global value chains. In order to understand the true nature of trade relationships, it is necessary to know what each country along a global value chain contributes to the value of a final product. In addition, it is important to understand how that contribution is linked to those of other suppliers in other countries coming before and after along the chain, and how much employment and income is generated through this value addition.


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