International workshop on economic census, business registers and integrated economic statistics

29-09-2015  – 01-10-2015 Aguascalientes

UNSD is co-organizing an international Workshop on Economic Census, Business Registers and Integrated Economic Statistics together with the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI).

The event will be held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, from 29 September to 1 October 2015, and is part of UNSD’s efforts to promote integrated economic statistics programmes, which will provide governments, researchers, academics, the private sector and the general public with consistent and comprehensive information needed for sound policy and decision-making.

All NSOs in Latin America have been invited to participate, as well as experts from Canada and the United States. The objective of the workshop is to share experiences and knowledge in these areas. Among the specific topics to be discussed are major innovations in collecting and disseminating economic census information; using census results for updating the business register; the challenges and opportunities of maintaining micro-level business statistics; the role of the (statistical) business register in the modernization of statistical production; and linking the business register with international trade statistics. INEGI will also share the first results of the recent Mexican economic census.

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Regional workshop on the use of administrative data in economic statistics

30-10-2006  – 01-11-2006 Moscow

United Nations Statistics Division, Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation jointly organize a regional workshop for Commonwealth of Independent States countries on use of administrative data in economic statistics. The workshop participants will include country representatives from national statistical offices and governmental agencies maintaining administrative records of statistical significance, as well as experts from several countries with good experience in this area and UNSD resource persons. The focus of the workshop will be on a number of practical issues such as use of administrative records for updating statistical business registers and compilation of basic economic statistics, creating effective inter-agency cooperation and ensuring necessary legal preconditions for national statistical offices access to such records.

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