Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX

10-09-2018  – 14-09-2018 Tunis

African Union Commission (AUC) and UN Statistics Division (UNSD) organize jointly the first Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX to raise awareness on SDMX-IMTS artifacts including data structure, concepts and code lists; and to train IT experts and trade statisticians in using latest SDMX tools to map their trade database in to SDMX-IMTS output. The workshop will be attended by around twenty-five African countries and various Regional Economic Communities.

The main objectives of the workshop are as follows:
- Train the Trade Experts, both IT and trade statistician, on SDMX introductory topic in general, focused on SDMX-IMTS data structure definition version 1.1;
- Assist trade statisticians/experts in implementing SDMX-IMTS by conducting mapping exercise between national database and SDMX-IMTS code lists;
- Contribute on on-going review of current data structure definition both at technical and substantive levels;
- Test generic SDMX output function at Eurotrace.NET and explore possibility to integrate SDMX-IMTS into the latest version of

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Regional validation workshop on International Merchandise Trade Statistics

15-05-2018  – 18-05-2018 Port of Spain

The Regional validation workshop on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) is organized as a follow-up activity to the distance-learning course on International Merchandise Trade Statistics, delivered for the first time (to more than 130 participants from 28 countries) to contribute to enhance the knowledge and the capacity IMTS professionals, mainly from the English-speaking countries from the Caribbean region and Asia.

The main goals are to enhance statisticians' ability to apply the most recent internationally agreed recommendations on IMTS, define best possible data sources, set up adequate (or enforce existing) collection systems, and enhance statistics compilation processes. Moreover, the course would communicate the importance of quality, metadata, timely dissemination, and links to economic analysis and national policy objectives.

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