2nd Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX

18-02-2019  – 22-02-2019 Tunis

African Union Commission (AUC) and UN Statistics Division (UNSD) organize jointly the first Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX to raise awareness on SDMX-IMTS artifacts including data structure, concepts and code lists; and to train IT experts and trade statisticians in using latest SDMX tools to map their trade database in to SDMX-IMTS output. The workshop will be attended by around twenty-five African countries and various Regional Economic Communities.

The main objectives of the workshop are as follows:
- Train the Trade Experts, both IT and trade statistician, on SDMX introductory topic in general, focused on SDMX-IMTS data structure definition version 1.1;
- Assist trade statisticians/experts in implementing SDMX-IMTS by conducting mapping exercise between national database and SDMX-IMTS code lists;
- Contribute on on-going review of current data structure definition both at technical and substantive levels;
- Test generic SDMX output function at Eurotrace.NET and explore possibility to integrate SDMX-IMTS into the latest version of

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