StaTact, data governance and monitoring of the SDGs for strengthening resilience of countries in special situations

11-07-2018  – 11-07-2018 New York

The proposed side event organized by UNITAR in partnership with UN Statistics Division and the Governments of Switzerland and Sweden will provide space for showcasing the new problem-solving toolkit StaTact developed jointly by UNITAR and UNSD in support of monitoring the SDGs. The tool was test-piloted earlier this year with the participation of 15 countries, mostly African and Asian Least Developed Countries and one Small Island Developing State. As the name of the toolkit suggests, its main objective is to enable UN Member States to rapidly fill in pressing SDG-related data gaps by leveraging improved governance arrangements and partnerships. The toolkit contributes to more sustainable and resilient societies through improved data governance and data utilization for policy-making purposes in selected priority areas.

The participants of the side event will learn about the StaTact toolkit and how its methodology can be applied in their respective countries. The tool is universal in that it can help address a broad range of issues through strengthened collaboration between data users, producers and holders including traditional and non-traditional data sources.

This toolkit will be of special interest to the representatives of Planning Ministries, National Statistical Offices, line Ministries as well as all other stakeholders using or producing data.


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