Regional training workshop on the System of environmental-economic accounting (SEEA)

16-11-2015  – 18-11-2015 Shanghai

DESA’s Statistics Division is organizing a Regional Training Workshop on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting in Shanghai, China, from 16-18 November, in collaboration with the National Bureau of Statistics of China.

The workshop will bring together statisticians and non-statistical professionals involved in the compilation and policy use of environmental-economic accounts from ten countries in Asia Pacific. The main objectives of the workshop are to: (i) to help participants acquire knowledge and skills to deepen their understanding of the accounting principles and basic data needs for compiling environmental-economic accounts according to the SEEA; (ii) to facilitate experience sharing among Asia Pacific countries, and (iii) to support countries to set up a strategy and national plan for the SEEA implementation. This workshop is part of a series of events organized under the project on strengthening statistical capacity development in China and other developing countries in Asia funded by the Chinese Government.

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