UNDA10 - Workshop for EECCA countries, Mongolia, Russia and Turkey - Integrating non-traditional data sources in the production of the SDG indicators

28-11-2017  – 30-11-2017 Almaty

The Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data acknowledges the urgent need for National statistical systems (NSS) to adapt and develop to meet the widening, increasing and evolving requirements of data to monitor the progress towards goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as provide adequate data for data users, especially decision-makers. The UN Development Account 10th tranche programme on Statistics and Data (UNDA10) addresses these challenges and brings together the collective efforts of ten implementing entities into a comprehensive programme aiming at strengthening national statistical systems to measure, monitor and report on the sustainable development goals.

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United Nations regional workshop on CensusInfo

15-05-2012  – 18-05-2012 Almaty

Organized by DESA’s Statistics Division in collaboration with the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Regional Workshop on CensusInfo is expected to gather representatives from nine Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region countries. The Regional Workshop will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 15 to 18 May 2012. The purpose of the Regional Workshop is to provide a forum for sharing national practices and experiences in the dissemination of census data as well as highlighting CensusInfo’s potential as a platform for disseminating census data at any geographical level. The workshop will demonstrate the various processes involved in the adaptation of CensusInfo, including the preparation of CensusInfo template and database, importing data, language translation and customization of the software package. The workshop sessions will also include hands-on training on using the CensusInfo User Interface and Database Administration applications.

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