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         Environment Glossary

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  Cap Rock
  Capacity of Treatment Installation
  Capital Accumulation (environmental accounting)
  Capital consumption
  Car Wrecks
  Carbon Adsorber
  Carbon Cycle
  Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  Carbon Sink
  Carbon Tax
  Carnivorous Plant
  Carrying Capacity
  Catalytic Converter
  Catalytic Incineration
  Catch per unit of effort (CPUE)
  Catchment Area
  Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  Caustic Scrubbing
  Caustic Soda
  Centrifugal Collector
  Characteristic Species
  Check Irrigation
  Chemical Mutagens
  Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  Chemical Toilet
  Chemical Treatment (of hazardous waste)
  Chilling Effect
  Chimney Effect
  Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
  Chlorine Loading
  Chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs)
  Chronic Toxicity
  Cladophora Blanket Weed
  Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA)
  Clean Products
  Clean Technology
  Climate Change
  Climate Convention
  Climate Index
  Climate Protection
  Climatological Statistics
  Climax System
  Closed Ecological System
  Cloud Forest
  Cloud Seeding
  Coastal Lagoons
  Coastal Protection
  Coastal Zone
  Coke Oven Emissions
  Cold Desert
  Coliform Index
  Coliform Organism
  Collection of Waste
  Combined Sewer
  Combustion Equipment
  Command-and-control Policy
  Common Property Resources (environmental)
  Community of Species
  Community Structure
  Compaction Ratio
  Complete Fertilizer
  Conditionally Renewable (Natural) Resources
  Conditioning of Radioactive Wastes
  Confined Aquifer
  Confined Water Well
  Conservation of Mass
  Consumer Services
  Consumption Residues
  Consumption Services
  Contact Pesticide
  Contingent Valuation
  Controlled Environmental Housing (in agriculture)
  Cooling Tower
  Cosmic Rays
  Cost Internalization
  Cost-benefit Analysis
  Critical Load
  Crop Rotation
  Cultivated natural assets
  Cyclone Collector