organized by
United Nations Statistics Division

13-17 November 2006, New York, USA


List of Documents

  Programme PDF 38 KB
  List of Participants PDF 49 KB
  Report PDF 28 KB
  SESSION 1SEEAW for Integrated Water Resource Management
    Water Issues in China (Chinese delegation) PPT 4,305 KB
    The SEEAW - A General Introduction (Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD) PPT 262 KB
  SESSION 2The SEEAW Framework
    General Introduction to the SNA and Supply and Use Tables (Herman Smith, UNSD) PPT 319 KB
    International Standard Classifications of Economic Activities and Products: ISIC and CPC with Focus on Water (Ralf Becker, UNSD) PPT 111 KB
    National Accounts in China with a Focus on Water (Chinese delegation) PPT 74 KB
    The SEEA and SEEAW Framework (Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD) PPT 1,221 KB
    UNSD/UNEP Questionnaire on Environment Statistics (Jeremy Webb, UNSD) PPT 341 KB
    Results of UNSD/OECD Joint Data Collection Exercise (Yongyi Min, UNSD) PPT 98 KB
  SESSION 3Physical Supply and Use Tables
    Physical Supply and Use Tables (Ilaria DiMatteo, UNSD) PPT 785 KB
    Data Availability and Experience in the Compilation of SUT (Chinese delegation) PPT 1,013 KB
    Summary of Country Experiences in Europe (Michael Nagy, UNSD) PPT 494 KB
    Working Groups PPT 60 KB
  SESSION 4Emission Accounts
    Emission Accounts (Ilaria DiMatteo, UNSD) PPT 338 KB
    Country Case Study: Austria (Michael Nagy, UNSD) PPT 455 KB
  SESSION 5Hybrid and Economic Accounts
    Hybrid and Economic Accounts (Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD) PPT 138 KB
    Data Availability and Expected Issues in the Compilation of Hybrid and Economic Accounts (Chinese delegation) PPT 547 KB
    Country Case Study: Netherlands (Bram Edens, UNSD) PPT 295 KB
  SESSION 6Asset Accounts
    Asset Accounts (Ilaria DiMatteo, UNSD) PPT 170 KB
    From the Basic Hydrological Information to the Asset Accounts (Jean Michel Chene, UNDSD) PPT 3,479 KB
    Data Availability and Expected Issues in the Compilation of Asset Accounts (Chinese delegation) PPT 485 KB
  SESSION 7Quality Accounts
    Quality Accounts (Bram Edens, UNSD) PPT 988 KB
    Data Availability and Experience in the Compilation of Quality Accounts (Chinese delegation) PPT 1,068 KB
  SESSION 8Valuation of Water Resources
    Valuation of Water Resources (Glenn-Marie Lange, Earth Institute) PPT 101 KB
    Data Availability and Experience in the Valuation of Water Resources (Chinese delegation) PPT 436 KB
  SESSION 9Examples of Applications of Water Accounts
    The SEEAW for IWRM (Roberto Lenton, Global Water Partnership) PPT 909 KB
    Applications of SEEAW in the Derivation of Indicators and Modeling (Glenn-Marie Lange, Earth Institute) PPT 60 KB
    Applications of the SEEAW - The Experience of Southern Africa (Glenn-Marie Lange, Earth Institute) PPT 1,702 KB
    Experiences on IWRM (Andrew Hudson, UNDP/GEF) PPT 251 KB