Jointly organized by Central Bank, Ministry of Environment, and National Statistical Office of the Dominican Republic and UNSD

16-18 July 2007, Santo Domingo, Domenican Republic


List of Documents

  Agenda PDF 64 KB
  List of Participants PDF 169 KB
  Conclusions PDF 177 KB
  SESSION 1Water Accounting and Its Policy Uses
    System of Environmental–Economic Accounting for Water (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 1,111 KB
    Integrated Water Resource Management (Raúl Pérez, National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, INDRHI, Dominican Republic) PPT 401 KB
    Cuentas ambientales y del agua en América Latina y el Caribe. Avances y perspectivas (Salvador Marconi, ECLAC) PPT 824 KB
    Global Assessment of Environment Accounting (Ilaria Di Matteo, UNSD) PPT 164 KB
    Discussion and Questions PPT 62 KB
  SESSION 2The SEEAW Physical Supply and Use Tables
    The SEEAW Physical Supply and Use Tables (Ilaria Di Matteo, UNSD) PPT 1,063 KB
    Data Sources and Methods (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 865 KB
    Country Presentation - The Experience of Guatemala (César Ruiz, Instituto Nacional de Estadística; Pablo Arturo Otzoy, Banco de Guatemala; Juventino Gálvez and José Miguel Barrios, Instituto de Agricultura, Recursos Naturales y Ambiente) PPT 2,155 KB
  SESSION 3Country Presentations and Discussion Groups
    Country Presentation - Bahamas (Alexious Rolle, Bahamas) PPT 2,588 KB
    Country Presentation - Chile (Eugenio Neumann Carmine, Chile) PPT 37 KB
  SESSION 4The SEEAW Emission Accounts
    The SEEAW Emission Accounts (Ilaria Di Matteo, UNSD) PPT 338 KB
    Data Sources and Methods (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 700 KB
    Country Presentation - Mexico (Raul Figueroa, Mexico) PPT 5,415 KB
  SESSION 5The SEEAW Hybrid and Economic Accounts
    The SEEAW Hybrid Tables (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 1,931 KB
    Country Presentation - The Experience of the Dominican Republic, Part 1 (Omar Ramirez, Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic)    
    Country Presentation - The Experience of the Dominican Republic, Part 2 (Olga Diaz, Central Bank of the Dominican Republic) PPT 297 KB
  SESSION 6The SEEAW Asset Accounts
    The SEEAW Physical Asset Accounts (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 569 KB
    Country Presentation - Colombia (Monica Rodriguez Diaz, Colombia) PPT 840 KB
    Country Presentation - Cuba (Maria Eugenia Garcia Sampedro, Cuba) PPT 470 KB
    Country Presentation - Jamaica (Janet Geoghagen-Martin, Jamaica) PPT 2,458 KB
  SESSION 7Discussions in Groups
    Questions for Discussions PPT 72 KB
  SESSION 8Indicators and Policy Uses
    Sustainable Development Indicators (Jose Gomez, ECLAC) PPT 7,465 KB
    Indicators and Policy Uses of the SEEAW (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 1,271 KB
    Country Presentation - Panama (Diliana Esther Mena De Leon, Panama) PPT 534 KB
    Country Presentation - Peru (Gustavo Segundo Chavez Villacorta, Peru) PPT 974 KB
  SESSION 9Surveys to Support the SEEAW
    Country Presentation - Suriname (Andreas Talea, Suriname) PPT 375 KB
    Country Presentation - Trinidada and Tobago (Satee Bodoo, Trinidad and Tobago) PPT 8,891 KB
    Governance in Australia (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 668 KB
  SESSION 10Implementing the SEEAW
    Towards the Global Implementation of Water Accounting (Michael Vardon, UNSD) PPT 1,248 KB