Regional Training Workshop on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting with a focus on Water Accounting

26-30 September 2016, Putrajaya, Malaysia


List of Documents

  Information Note PDF 663 KB
  Provisional agenda (15 Sept) PDF 463 KB
  Overview of the SEEA and its global implementation PDF 1,190 KB
  ESCAP strategies and activities on SEEA implementation PDF 1,087 KB
  Concept, structure and accounting principles of the SEEA PDF 3,989 KB
  Introduction to energy accounting PDF 594 KB
  Envrionmental activity accounts: environmental taxes and EGSS PDF 2,705 KB
  Introduction to water accounting PDF 1,168 KB
  Physical supply and use tables for water
  Presentation PDF 559 KB
  Exercise DOC 1,293 KB
  Exercise and answer PDF 1,597 KB
  Water asset accounts in physical terms
  Presentation PDF 1,031 KB
  Exercise and answer PDF 514 KB
  Water emission accounts
  Presentation PDF 1,071 KB
  Exercise PDF 671 KB
  Answers PDF 610 KB
  Practical guidance to implementation: Data sources PDF 492 KB
  Water accounts with policy; Analysis and application of water accountings PDF 2,018 KB
  Building physical water flow accounts with actual data PDF 1,099 KB
  Building physical water asset accounts with actual data PDF 5,597 KB
  Energy accounts: compilation PDF 466 KB
  Energy accounts with policy; Analysis & application of energy accounts PDF 211 KB
  Overview of SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting; Linking SEEA accounts with SDGs and other applications PDF 3,224 KB
  Measuring Ecosystem Services in Canada PDF 2,417 KB
  SEEA Central Framework PDF 2,694 KB
  SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting PDF 2,538 KB
  SEEA Applications and Extensions PDF 1,260 KB
  SEEA Water PDF 6,940 KB
  Guidelines for the Compilation of Water Accounts and Statistics PDF 9,486 KB
  International Recommendations for Water Statistics PDF 2,680 KB
  SEEA Energy PDF 1,398 KB
  SEEA alignment of the SDGs XLSX 36 KB