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Project Management

   Important Administrative Documents
Project Management Framework

Process Map for the Drafting and Completion of Volume 1 of the Revised SEEA

   UNCEEA Reports to the UN Statistical Commission
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2011Forty-Second SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
2010Forty-First SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
2009Fortieth SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
2008Thirty-Ninth SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
2007Thirty-Eight SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
2006Thirty-Seventh SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
2005Thirty-Sixth SessionArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish

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