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Prioritization of ecosystem services

 Issue Description

It would be useful to distinguish between (i) services that increase overall production and welfare but are not currently captured in the SNA, and (ii) services that support economic activities already captured in the SNA, though not necessarily explicitly. There has been a general call within the context of the World Bank WAVES global partnership to examine which services should be regarded as priorities for ecosystem accounting, noting that some are more difficult than others from a measurement/valuation perspective. For the purposes of ecosystem accounts, prioritization can be made considering the following criteria: (i) economic importance; (ii) possibility to consistently include the service in SEEA; and (iii) availability of data. For these potential priority services, there is a need to analyse how available data (which will often be fragmented and/or spatially heterogeneous) can be used to construct meaningful national level physical and monetary statistics suitable for incorporation in SEEA. It will also be important to provide general clarifications in regards to avoid overlap or double-counting (or perceptions thereof) in national accounts by including different types of measures.

 Issue Papers and Corresponding Minutes of Meetings
Issue papers and corresponding minutes of meetings are not yet available for this issue.

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