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List of Issues - Central Framework

Below is the list of issues for the Central Framework for the revision of the SEEA.
To display all available information for an issue at once (e.g. description, issue papers, outcome papers, comments, etc.) click on the title of the corresponding issue.
To see individual information only (e.g. issue papers or outcome papers) click on the icon of the respective issue in the corresponding column.
The deadline for the global consultation and the number of comments serve as the link to display the comments from the global consultation for the respective issue.

 IssuesIssue papersOutcome papersGlobal consultation deadlineNumber of Comments
 1.Harmonization of MFA with the SEEA concepts 1/17/201128
 1.a.Recording of cultivated biological resources   
 1.b.Treatment of consumer durables   
 1.c.Recording of landfills   
 2.Definitions and classifications of physical flows 1/17/201122
 3.Linking energy flow accounts, energy balances and energy basic statistics and emission inventories and accounts    
 3.a.Linking energy flow accounts, energy balances and energy statistics12/24/201024
 3.b.Linking emission inventories to emission accounts12/24/201025
 4.Renewable energy10/28/201023
 5.Environment industry 11/25/201031
 6.Environmental taxes11/25/201031
 7.Environmental subsidies11/25/201028
 8.a.Permits to access the resources    
 8.b.Emission permits3/15/201132
 9.Classification of natural resource management expenditures 11/25/201026
 10.Classification of assets1/17/201120
 11.Categorization of mineral and energy resources12/24/201022
 12.Valuation of assets12/6/201027
 13.Recording of natural resource depletion for a non-renewable resource10/28/201020
 14.Recording of natural resource depletion for renewable resources10/28/201020
 15.Decommissioning costs and recording ownership of mineral-related assets    
 15.a.Decommissioning costs10/28/201019
 15.b.Recording ownership of mineral-related assets10/28/201015
 16.Treatment of water in artificial reservoirs1/17/201119
 17.Recording of losses (storage, distribution, transformation, theft)12/24/201022
 18.Valuation of water    
 19.a.Land use classification1/17/201123
 19.b.Land cover classification1/17/201124
 20.Recording of soil and its valuation12/6/201027
 21.Forest accounts 12/6/201023
 21.a.Classification of forests   
 21.b.Carbon sequestration   

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