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SEEA-Energy Issues and Related Papers

   Issue documents
     List of Issues for the SEEA-E
Related Papers
 MeetingCorresponding documents
4-6 February 2008 Oslo Group Meeting Requirements for Energy Statistics for the Development of Hybrid/NAMEA Data Systems
17-19 December 2007 London Group Meeting SEEA/Environmental Accounting's User Needs with Regards to Energy Statistics
Scope of Energy Accounts in the Revised SEEA
SEEA/Environmental Accounting's User Needs with Regards to Renewable Energy
Recording the Ownership of Mineral-related Assets
26-30 March 2007 London Group Meeting Scope of energy accounts in the revised SEEA and SEEA-E
Danish Energy Accounts and Energy Statistics
Depletion in the SEEA
Valuation Methods of Mineral Resources
Handbook on Mineral and Energy Asset Accounting
Classification Issues for Mineral and Energy Resources
5-7 February 2007 Oslo Group Meeting Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting
Requirements for and some uses of coordinated environmental and economic data sets

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