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9th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting
22 - 24 September, Copenhagen, Denmark
List of participantsPDF
Proceedings and papersPDF
AGENDA ITEM 1Opening and country updates
 Opening statement (Bent Thage, Director, Statistics Denmark)
 Summary of the report of the London Group to the UN Statistical Commission and information on the UN Task Force on Environmental-Economic Accounting (Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD and Robert Smith, Statistics Canada)
 Status of the publishing of SEEA – glossary and index (Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD)
 Countries/Organizations' update (London Group participants)
 Paper by Australia
 Paper by Canada
 Paper by China
 Paper by France
 Paper by Germany
 Paper by Italy
 Paper by Mexico
 Paper by the Netherlands
 Paper by New Zealand
 Paper by South AfricaPresentation by South Africa
 Paper by Sweden 1
 Paper by Sweden 2
 Paper by the United Kingdom
 Paper by ECLAC
 Paper by Eurostat
AGENDA ITEM 2Subsoil asset accounting
 Introduction to the session (Ole Gravgård, Statistics Denmark)
 South Africa's experience in the compilation of mineral (physical and monetary) accounts (Aneme Malan, Statistics South Africa)
 Overview of the Norwegian Asset Accounts for Oil and Gas, 1991-2000 (Julie Hass on behalf of Kristine Erlandsen, Statistics Norway)
 Mineral exploration: current discussion in the Canberra II Group on non-financial assets (Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD)
 Presentation of the results of a questionnaire concerning subsoil asset accounting (Ole Gravgård, Statistics Denmark)
AGENDA ITEM 3Water accounting
 Overview of water subgroup work (Ilaria DiMatteo, UNSD)
 NAMWA, the Dutch System of Water Accounts (Sjoerd Schenau, Statistics Netherlands)
 Swedish water accounts by water district (Viveka Palm, Statistics Sweden)
 Water Accounting in Australia (Michael Vardon and Stuart Peevor, Australian Bureau of Statistics)
 Water accounts in the Republic of Moldova: pilot study, results and advantages (Jana Tafi, Water Data Centre, Republic of Moldova)
AGENDA ITEM 4Social dimension in environmental accounts
 Introduction to the session (Viveka Palm, Statistics Sweden)
 Income and Expenditure of Private Households in the Context of a SAM (Norbert Schwarz and Alexander Opitz, Federal Statistical Office Germany)
 Households in the environmental accounts (Anders Wadeskog, Statistics Sweden)
 Embedding social dimensions into economic and environmental accounting and indicator systems (Ismir Mulalic, Statistics Denmark)
 Monitoring the relationship between household consumption and environmental impact (Rocky Harris, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom)
 New Socio-economic dimensions in the environmental accounts (Maja Larsson, Statistics Sweden)
AGENDA ITEM 5Material Flow Accounting
 German primary material flow accounts: Conceptual framework, sources, methods of compilation, results and analytical applications (Stefan Schweinert, Federal Statistical Office Germany)
AGENDA ITEM 6Policy uses of environmental accounts
 Introduction to policy use session (Jean Louis Weber, European Environment Agency)
 Swedish economic instruments - Environmental taxes and subsidies in the environmental accounts (Maja Larsson, Statistics Sweden)
 Policy uses in the Swedish SEEA (Viveka Palm, Statistics Sweden)
 Indicators for Water and Land Issues (Jean Louis Weber, European Environment Agency)
 Policy uses and application of water accounts (Glenn Marie Lange, The Earth Institute at Columbia University)
AGENDA ITEM 7Summary of meeting and discussion of future work
 Summary of the sessions, discussion and conclusions for further work
 Other issues and discussion points (other issues for the London Group, next meeting, etc.)

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