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8th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting
5 - 7 November 2003, Rome, Italy
AGENDA ITEM 2Country updates (London Group participants)
 Paper by Canada
 Paper by Chile
 Paper by Denmark
 Paper by Norway
 Paper by Sweden
 Paper by the United Kingdom
AGENDA ITEM 3Handbook on Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Water Resources (SEEAW)
 3a. SEEAW: Objectives, policy uses and framework
 Handbook on Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Water Resources (SEEAW) (Ilaria DiMatteo, UNSD)
 3b. SEEAW: Asset accounts
 Introduction (Ilaria DiMatteo, UNSD)
 Water accounting at Statistics Canada: The asset account for inland fresh water (Martin Lemire and François Soulard, Statistics Canada)
 Water physical accounts: from occasional estimates to regular production (Philippe Crouzet, IFEN)
 3c. SEEAW: Supply and use tables
 Introduction (Christine Spanneut, In-Numeri)
 The Danish NAMEA water accounts with examples of its use (Thomas Olsen, Statistics Denmark)
 Physical water accounts - South Africa's first attempt (Aneme Malan, Statistics South Africa)
 3d. SEEAW: Monetary flows
 Introduction (Christine Spanneut, In-Numeri)
 Valuation of water resources (Glenn Marie Lange, Columbia University)
 Data issues for water resources assessment and water use in agriculture (Karen Frenken, FAO-Aquastat)
 Conclusions from the SEEAW sessions (Alessandra Alfieri and Ilaria Di Matteo, UNSD and Christine Spanneut, In-Numeri)
AGENDA ITEM 4Sub-soil asset accounts
 Accounting for subsoil assets in the Australian National Accounts (Adam Sincock, Australian Bureau of Statistics)
 Path forward for sub-soil asset accounts (Ole Gravgård, Statistics Denmark)
AGENDA ITEM 5Handbook on Fishery Resource Accounting
 Handbook on Fishery Resource Accounting (UNSD/FAO)
AGENDA ITEM 6Forest accounts
 Recent developments in Swedish forest accounts (Marianne Eriksson and Viveka Palm, Statistics Sweden)
 Environmental and economic accounts for forestry: Past, current and future efforts (Yves Dubé, FAO)
 Draft manual 
 Path forward on forest accounting (Jukka Muukkonen, Statistics Finland)
AGENDA ITEM 7Land and ecosystem accounts
 Integrating land quality changes in economic accounting at farm level: Applications and lessons learned from compilation sites (Pilar Santacoloma, FAO)
 Development of built up and traffic areas by economic activities in Germany 1993 to 2001 - Approaches for an environmental-economic analysis (Karl Schoer, Federal Statistical Office Germany)
 Development of land and ecosystems accounts in Europe - Implementation of land cover accounts and discussion of accounts of land use functions (Jean-Louis Weber, European Environment Agency)
 Path forward on land and ecosystem accounts (Rocky Harris, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom)
AGENDA ITEM 8Lessons learned from SEEA revision and path forward on unresolved issues
 Unresolved issues and future work
AGENDA ITEM 9Open discussion of future work programme of London Group
AGENDA ITEM 10Summary of meeting

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