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18th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting
2 - 4 October 2012, Ottawa, Canada
PDFResource Guide for Participants
PDFList of participants
LG/18/12Land and ecosystem services: measurement and accounting in practice (Mark Eigenraam, Joselito Chua and Jessica Hasker)
LG/18/20Draft of SEEA-Energy (UNSD)
LG/18/23Drafting process of the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM) prior to, during and after the 7th Oslo Group meeting - some guidelines (Oslo Group)
LG/18/24.1Project Management Framework for the Guidelines for the Compilation of Water Accounts and Statistics (UNSD)
LG/18/24.2Guidelines for the Compilation of Water Accounts and Statistics: Draft Detailed Outline (UNSD)
LG/18/28Proposals for the statistical definition and measurement of green jobs (ILO)
LG/18/p5SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounts - Broad concepts and structures (Carl Obst)
LG/18/p6aRemarks on the CICES discussion (Jean-Louis Weber)
LG/18/p6bCommon International Classification of Ecosystem Services - Key issues for discussion (Julian Chow)
LG/18/p7 Accounting for biodiversity (Per Arild Garnasjordet)
LG/18/p8 Accounting for ecosystems in monetary terms - sequence of accounts (Bram Edens)
LG/18/p9 SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounts - Accounting for Carbon (Carl Obst)
LG/18/p10 Land accounting in Quebec - Pilot project for a sub-provincial area (Stephanie Uhde)
LG/18/p11 MEGS Building Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (Francois Soulard, et al.)
LG/18/p12 Ecosystem Accounting (Mark Eigenraam)
LG/18/p13 A general framework for Australian environmental accounting and a Joint Perspectives Model (Richard Mount, Jan Tilden, Belinda Allison and Viv Bordas)
LG/18/p14 Ecosystems accounting in the UK (Rocky Harris, Jawed Khan)
LG/18/p15 Simplied Ecosystem Capital Accounts - Progress of work at the EEA (Jean-Louis Weber)
LG/18/p16 SEEA Application and Extension - Overview (Carl Obst)
LG/18/p17 Multi-Regional Environmental IO Tables - Progress of the CREEA project (Arnold Tukker)
LG/18/p18 WP 5 Forest accounts in CREEA (Viveka Palm)
LG/18/p19 SEEA Application and Extension - Perspectives on environmental input-output modelling (Joe St. Lawrence)
LG/18/p20 The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Energy (SEEA-Energy) (Alessandra Alfieri)
LG/18/p21 Overview of the Canadian Energy Flow Account (Cindy Lecavalier)
LG/18/p22 Energy Accounts in the European Statistical System (ESS) - state of the art (Anton Steurer)
LG/18/p23 Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM) (Julie Hass)
LG/18/p24 Guidelines for the Compilation of Water Accounts and Statistics (Alessandra Alfieri)
LG/18/p25 Towards a System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Agriculture (Gary Jones)
LG/18/p26 Implementation Strategy for the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) (Sjoerd Schenau and Bram Edens)
LG/18/p27 Green National Accounts for India - The State of Progress (Suresh Kumar)
LG/18/bk6a.1Summary of the interim responses from the consultation on CICES (EEA)
LG/18/bk6a.2The CICES classification version 4.1 (EEA)
LG/18/bk6b.1Note on CICES (UNSD)
LG/18/bk6b.2Proposed modifications on CICES version 4 (UNSD)
LG/18/bk13A general framework for Australian environmental accounting (Limited distribution Draft) (Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Government)
LG/18/bk23Progress report from the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics 2011-2012 (Oslo Group)
LG/18/bk24.3Experimental estimates of soil water use in Australia: Draft for discussion (Peter Meadows)
LG/18/bk25Draft SEEA-Agriculture Timetable (FAO)

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