United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
15 - 17 June 2011, New York


List of Documents

  Opening Statement by Peter Harper, Chair UNCEEA PDF 29 KB
  UNCEEA/6/1 Agenda PDF 47 KB
  UNCEEA/6/1a Organization of Work PDF 36 KB
  UNCEEA/6/3 List of Participants PDF 27 KB
  UNCEEA/6/4 Minutes of the Meeting PDF 94 KB
  UNCEEA/6/5 Report of the SEEA Editor  
  - Presentation PPT 521 KB
  UNCEEA/6/6 SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounts: A Proposed Outline and Road Map  
  - Paper PDF 44 KB
  - Presentation PPT 59 KB
  UNCEEA/6/7 Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES): A Global Partnership  
  - Paper PDF 163 KB
  UNCEEA/6/8.1 A common currency for building environmental (ecosystem) accounts  
  - Paper PDF 168 KB
  UNCEEA/6/8.2 Land and Ecosystem Accounting in Australia  
  - Presentation PDF 2,450 KB
  - Speaking Notes PDF 172 KB
  UNCEEA/6/9 Elaboration on SEEA for the part on Extensions and Applications  
  - Paper PDF 85 KB
  UNCEEA/6/10 The SEEA and indicator initiatives: A preliminary note  
  - Paper PDF 101 KB
  - Presentation PPT 90 KB
  UNCEEA/6/11 Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress  
  - Paper PDF 1,787 KB
  - Presentation PPT 3,086 KB
  UNCEEA/6/12 Report of the Issue Management Group on Green Economy "Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy"  
  - Paper PDF 497 KB
  UNCEEA/6/13.1 Measuring Environmental Sustainability: Draft Report of the Eurostat Task Force 2  
  - Paper PDF 214 KB
  UNCEEA/6/13.2 Eurostat Progress Report on Geo-referenced information  
  - Paper PDF 63 KB
  - Presentation PPT 572 KB
  UNCEEA/6/14 Summary of the Report on Measuring Sustainable Development, Proposed Indicators, and Results of Electronic Consultation  
  - Paper PDF 730 KB
  - Presentation PPT 103 KB
  UNCEEA/6/15 CBD and the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020  
  - Presentation PPT 856 KB
  UNCEEA/6/16 EXIOPOL and CREEA: Towards a global Multi-Regional Economic and Physical Supply and Use tables with Environmental Extensions  
  - Paper PDF 331 KB
  - Presentation PPT 3,649 KB
  UNCEEA/6/18 Report of the Second Meeting of the Expert Group on the Revision of the Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics  
  - Paper PDF 99 KB
  - Presentation PPT 278 KB
  UNCEEA/6/19 Initiating a SEEA Implementation Program - A First Investigation of Possibilities  
  - Paper PDF 87 KB
  UNCEEA/6/20 Strategic approach to national implementation programmes for SEEA  
  - Presentation PPT 2,119 KB
  UNCEEA/6/21 SEEA and Integration  
  - Presentation PDF 229 KB
  UNCEEA/6/23 International Seminar on Green Economy and Official Statistics  
  - Background Paper PDF 47 KB
  UNCEEA/6/24 The 58th World Statistics Congress, the 6th World Water Forum, and the 21st World Water Week  
  - Presentation PPT 508 KB
  UNCEEA/6/26 Organisation of Environmental Accounting in Finland  
  - Paper PDF 36 KB
  UNCEEA/6/27 Towards a System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Agriculture (SEEA-AGRI)  
  - Paper PDF 136 KB
  - Presentation PPT 272 KB
  UNCEEA/6/28 SEEA-Energy: Progress report  
  - Paper PDF 42 KB
  UNCEEA/6/29 Process and Outline for the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual  
  - Paper PDF 237 KB
  UNCEEA/6/30 Environmental Accounting applications for Green Economy policies  
  - Paper PDF 96 KB
  UNCEEA/6/31 Water Policies Monitoring Framework: Draft Text for the UNSD-WWAP "Glossy" Publication  
  - Paper PDF 75 KB
  - Presentation PPT 1,007 KB
  UNCEEA/6/32 Programme of Work of the UNCEEA  
  - Paper PDF 81 KB
  - Background Paper PDF 134 KB
  UNCEEA/6/33 Approach to Simplified Ecosystem Capital Accounts  
  - Presentation PDF 5,603 KB