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UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA)

   About the UNCEEA

Current chair: Bert Kroese, Statistics Netherlands

The UNCEEA was established by the UN Statistical Commission at its 36th session in March 2005. The UNCEEA has the following three broad objectives:

Mainstream environmental-economic accounts and related statistics

Elevate the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts (SEEA) to an international statistical standard

Advance the implementation of the SEEA in countries

To achieve these objectives, the UNCEEA programme of work focuses on:

Coordination of programmes in environment-economic accounts and related statistics among international agencies and countries

Implementation of the SEEA in countries around the world and promotion of its use in support of government policy

Furthering methodologies by identifying and prioritising critical issues, establishing appropriate mechanisms to address those issues, monitoring progress, reviewing proposed solutions and submitting recommendations to the United Nations Statistical Commission. The research agenda for the SEEA Central Framework contains important topics that would benefit from further research.

Harmonization of data collection activities of environment and related statistics with concepts and definitions of environmental-economic accounts

The Bureau was established in 2007 to assist the Chair to carry out specific activities in between meetings. The Bureau meets 3-4 times per year. Members of the Bureau are elected from senior officials from National Statistical Offices and International Organizations.

Members of the Bureau include Statistics Netherlands (Chair), Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics Canada, INEGI Mexico, Statistics Norway, Philippines Statistics Authority, Statistics South Africa, Eurostat, FAO, OECD, UNSD and World Bank.

Minute of the Bureau Meeting can be found below:

October 2016

December 2016

February 2017

   Management Documents

Terms of reference

Operational guidelines

   UNCEEA Meetings

The UNCEEA usually meets once a year.
Most recent meeting:

19-21 June 2017New York, USA List of Documents
See the complete list of UNCEEA meetings
   Reports to the UN Statistical Commission

The UNCEEA regularly reports progress on its programme of work to the UN Statistical Commission. Most recent report:

2012Forty-Third SessionArabic
See the complete list of UNSC reports
   Contributions to the IAEG-SDGs

SEEA: A Statistical Framework to Support the SDG Indicators (2 pager)

The SEEA as a Statistical Framework to meet Data Quality Criteria for SDG indicators

SEEA and Transforming Global and National Statistical Systems for Monitoring SDG Indicators

UNCEEA comments on SEEA relevant 'Green' SDG indicators (20 Nov. 2015)

UNCEEA comments on SEEA relevant SDG indicators (20 Oct. 2015)

UNCEEA comments on SDG indicators by goal (20 Oct. 2015)

Broad brush analysis of SEEA relevant SDG indicators (7 Sept. 2015)


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