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Used Acronyms
AAAsset AccountsAsset accounts describe the stocks and changes there in (natural and anthropogenic) during the accounting period
AEAir Emission AccountsPhysical flow accounts that describe the release of pollutants into air
AGEnvironmentally-adjusted AggregatesAggregates that adjust standard national accounts aggregates for depletion and/or degradation (e.g. "Green GDP", Genuine Savings)
APApplicationsApplications of the accounts
AQAquacultureThe farming of aquatic organisms (fish, plants) with some sort of intervention in the rearing process to enhance production
CFCapture FisheriesHarvesting of fish living in the wild
COCompilationPublications containing mainly data (e.g. yearbooks)
DEDepletionDecrease in value of natural resource stocks due to extraction
DGDegradationDecrease in value of ecosystems due to human activities
ENEnergy Flow AccountsPhysical flow Accounts for energy resources
EPEnvironmental Protection Expenditure AccountsMonetary accounts of expenditures, activities and products for the protection of the environment
FSForest ServicesServices provided by the forest (e.g. recreation, watershed protection, carbon sequestration)
GOGovernanceInstitutional arrangement of environmental accounting programmes/projects in countries
INIndicatorsIndicators derived directly from the accounts (e.g. intensity indicators, total wealth, MFA indicators, environmentally adjusted aggregates)
LELand and Ecosystems
MAMonetary Asset AccountsAsset accounts in monetary units
MEMineral and Energy
MFMaterial Flow AnalysisApplication of physical flow accounts that estimates material throughput in a system (country, region, ..) for specific substances or aggregated instances thereof
MIMineralAccounts for mineral resources
MOModelingApplications of the accounts in economic modeling exercises (e.g. Input-Output modeling, hidden flows)
MPMethodologyPublications that discuss concepts, methods and frameworks for environmental-economic accounts – compilation guidelines on specific resources are also included
NTNon-timber Forest Goods Non-timber goods provided by the forest (e.g. berries, mushrooms, wild-life)
PAPhysical Asset AccountsAsset accounts in physical units
PHPhysical and Hybrid Flow AccountsAccounts in physical units that record the flows of ecosystem inputs, natural resources, products and residuals according to their origin (environment, domestic industries and imports) and their destination (intermediate and final uses, exports and the en
QAQuality AccountsDescribe the quality of natural resources at the beginning and end of the accounting period
RNRenewable EnergyAccounts for renewable energy (e.g. hydroelectricity, wind or solar)
SASubnational AccountsAccounts compiled at regional level (administrative region, river-basin)
TSTime SeriesPublications containing data for at least 2 different years
VAValuationValuation beyond the 1993 SNA (e.g. depletion, degradation, economic valuation)
WEWater Emission AccountsPhysical flow accounts that describe the release of pollutants into water resources through the direct and indirect (through a wastewater treatment plant) discharge of wastewater into water resources.
WSWaste AccountsPhysical flow accounts for waste expressed in tons

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