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The archive of publications has been developed by UNSD under the auspices of the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA). It is one of the activities contributing to the establishment of a knowledge-based platform for environmental-economic accounting on the UNCEEA website.

The objective of the archive is to make publications on environmental-economic accounting widely available. The archive covers both methodological publications, published by international agencies, NSOs, academia and NGOs, as well as country practices. We hope that bringing these publications in a common platform will facilitate the work of statisticians, researchers and practitioners wanting to start working on the implementation of environmental-economic accounts or wanting to investigate how other countries are implementing specific aspects of the environmental-economic accounting. We also hope that it will help disseminate the work on environmental-economic accounts and stimulate others with an interest in this topic.

The archive contains approximately 300 publications. We invite countries, organizations and individual experts to send their publications related environmental-economic accounting to for possible inclusion in the archive. The completeness and relevance of the archive depends on your contribution.

To facilitate the search, all publications are classified according to a predefined set of keywords, in addition to the country they refer to. The archive can be accessed either by keyword or by country.

At present, the archive covers publications related to environmental-economic accounting. It excludes publications on environment statistics, sustainable development indicators and economic valuation, unless directly linked to environmental-economic accounting. It includes handbooks, reports, papers and articles part of official statistics and more broadly technical reports and publications by academia and NGOs. It does not include presentations and minutes of meetings. All publications in the archive are either in English, French or Spanish, with the majority being in English.

Additional publications for possible posting as well as feedback on the archive should be sent to

Publications have mostly been obtained from publicly accessible websites or directly from the authors/publishers. Special care has been given not to infringe copyright. Please contact us if you think that publications need to be removed from the archive because of copyright agreements.


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