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SEEA Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (SEEA AFF)

Second Global Consultation
 Documents for the global consultation
Draft document All Chapters
Cover Note Cover Note
Comment form Comment form
Posting date30 November 2015
Comment deadline18 January 2016 (extended deadline)
 Comments from the second global consultation
South Africa14 December 2015 South Africa
Burundi18 December 2015 Burundi
Egypt28 December 2015 Egypt
Netherlands4 January 2016 Netherlands
Switzerland8 January 2016 Switzerland
Colombia8 January 2016 Colombia
Mexico8 January 2016 Mexico
Lithuania10 January 2016 Lithuania
Latvia11 January 2016 Latvia
Poland11 January 2016 Poland
Austria11 January 2016 Austria
Slovenia11 January 2016 Slovenia
Slovakia11 January 2016 Slovakia
Italy11 January 2016 Italy
Moldova11 January 2016 Moldova
New Zealand11 January 2016 New Zealand
Brazil11 January 2016 Brazil
Canada11 January 2016 Canada
Portugal12 January 2016 Portugal
Kuwait12 January 2016 Kuwait
Hungary12 January 2016 Hungary
Sweden12 January 2016 Sweeden
Armenia14 January 2016 Armenia
Czech Republic15 January 2016 Czech Republic
Indonesia18 January 2016 Indonesia
USA18 January 2016 USA
Bolivia18 January 2016 Boliviac
Jordan18 January 2016 Jordan
FAO18 January 2016 FAO
Peru19 January 2016 Peru
Chile20 January 2016 Chile
UNSD20 January 2016 UNSD
Philippines29 January 2016 Philippines
Finland2 February 2016 Finland
Iran3 February 2016 Iran
Yemen6 February 2016 Yemen
First Global Consultation
 Documents for the global consultation
Draft document All Chapters
Cover Note Cover Note
Comment form Comment form
Posting date22 December 2014
Comment deadline30 January 2015
 Comments from the first global consultation
All comment forms (.zip file)as of 9 February 2015 All comment forms
Cambodia19 January 2015 Cambodia
Croatia23 January 2015 Croatia
Azerbaijan26 January 2015 Azerbaijan
Japan28 January 2015 Japan
Poland28 January 2015 Poland
Macao28 January 2015 Macao
Burundi29 January 2015 Burundi
Israel29 January 2015 Israel
South Sudan29 January 2015 South Sudan
Romania29 January 2015 Romania
Jordan29 January 2015 Jordan
Norway29 January 2015 Norway
Latvia30 January 2015 Latvia
Republic of Korea30 January 2015 Republic of Korea
Slovenia30 January 2015 Slovenia
Malaysia30 January 2015 Malaysia
Lithuania30 January 2015 Lithuania
Mongolia30 January 2015 Mongolia
Slovakia30 January 2015 Slovakia
State of Palestine30 January 2015 State of Palestine
Sweden30 January 2015 Sweden
Republic of Moldova30 January 2015 Republic of Moldova
Austria30 January 2015 Austria
Switzerland30 January 2015 Switzerland
Mexico30 January 2015 Mexico
Sudan30 January 2015 Sudan
Canada30 January 2015 Canada
Portugal30 January 2015 Portugal
Peru30 January 2015 Peru
United States30 January 2015 United States
International Monetary Fund30 January 2015 International Monetary Fund
Spain30 January 2015 Spain
Czech Republic2 February 2015 Czech Republic
Finland2 February 2015 Finland
Philippines3 February 2015 Philippines
Bangladesh3 February 2015 Bangladesh
Montenegro4 February 2015 Montenegro
United Kingdom4 February 2015 United Kingdom
Ukraine4 February 2015 Ukraine
Egypt5 February 2015 Egypt
Netherlands6 February 2015 Netherlands
Russian Federation9 February 2015 Russian Federation
Dominican Republic12 February 2015 Dominican Republic
Australia13 February 2015 Australia
Iran15 February 2015 Iran
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