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Homepage of National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic

Web-site of National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic

Web-site has been introduced in Internet by National Statistical Committee on March 1998, address is as follows:

Web-site of Natstatcom in Internet is based on IMF Special Standard of Data Dissemination and includes detail monthly, quarterly and annually information by all sectors of economy also methods of compilation of separate statistical data. Besides, information on National Statistical Committee as a main body of the country representing the State statistics, system of statistical indicators, program of statistics reforming for 1998-2000, international cooperation, policy on publication and dissemination of statistical information and graphics of publications have been provided. Information on current situation of economics and complex statistical basis including monthly, quarterly and annually data on main indicators has been organized by five sectors of economy: real, state, financial, external and social.

Methodological data cover information on indicators including methods and quality of its preparation.

Information on National Statistical Committee includes information on its functions, legislative basis, structure and current activity.

The system of statistical indicators (list of tables) has been developed in order to organize the whole producing statistics as a consistent system of data categories characterizing in complex social and economic development. Information in Natstatcom is prepared in accordance with the system of statistical indicators. It effectively meet requirements of users thanks to improved access to renewing electronic files of National Statistical Committee data.

State Target Program of reforming the statistics of the Kyrgyz Republic for 1998-2000 approved by Government describes achieved results in statistics, its problems, aims and tasks are differed and measures are explained that necessary for solving these problems and improving the quality of preparing statistics.

In order to introduce international standards on data dissemination and implementation of policy of statistical information dissemination in accordance with State Target Program of reforming the statistics for 1998-2000 the policy on Publication and dissemination of statistical information was developed and stated by National Statistical Committee which determines the bounds of its activity in this field.

Publication schedule gives users an opportunity to know the date of necessary information receipt and information is disseminated via Natstatcom Web-site in Internet, it is enclosed also in all publications of Natstatcom.

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