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- Preparations for the 2009 Belarus Population and Housing Census are under way - Posted 31 December 2008

- Perspective of the XIII Population and Housing Census 2010 in Mexico
- Posted 30 December 2008

- Perspectiva del XIII Censo de Población y de Vivienda del año 2010 de México - Posted 30 December 2008

- The Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands is becoming depopulated - Posted 30 December 2008

- Le Territoire des Îles Wallis et Futuna se dépeuple - Posted 30 December 2008

- The 2010 United States census was designed to make extensive use of automated field data collection activities, though not the Internet - Posted 30 December 2008

- The official population figure of Ethiopia obtained from the 2007 Population and Housing Census is now available - Posted 12 December 2008

- Malawi has released preliminary results from the June 2008 census
- Posted 1 December 2008

- The Cayman Islands has unveiled the logo for the 2010 census - Posted 1 December 2008

- Now accessible from the UNSD website: a searchable database of questions used by countries in the 2000 round of population census to obtain information on:
  - Country of birth
  - Country of citizenship
  - Year or period of arrival

- Posted 17 November 2008

- Statistics South Africa has developed an approach and implementation strategies as part of the planning process for the 2011 census of population and housing - Posted 13 November 2009

- Preliminary results of the 2008 Saint Helena Population and Housing Census are now available - Posted 30 October 2008

- The Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) of Sri Lanka requested assistance from UNSD on Census mapping for the 2010 round, and on the development of a GIS. An advisory mission was held to assess the needs and give first recommendations - Posted 24 October 2008

- The Zambia Central Statistical Office is currently undertaking a mapping exercise covering the whole country in readiness for the 2010 Census of Population and Housing. This exercise started in November 2007 and is expected to end in December 2009 - Posted 24 October 2008

- The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea 2008 Census was carried out 1-15 October - Posted 22 October 2008

- The Fiji Bureau of Statistics has released the final figures from the 2007 national census - Posted 20 October 2008

- The Directorate of Social Statistics and Census of Oman organized the Preparatory Meeting for Oman 2010 Census on 25 to 28 May 2008 . The objectives of the meeting were to review the past experiences and lessons learned from the previous censuses in the Sultanate of Oman and in other more statistically advanced countries; and to identify suitable new technologies to be applied for the 2010 Population and Housing Census in the Sultanate of Oman - Posted 13 October 2008

- The 2008 population census preliminary results show that the Cambodia population has increased by 1.95 million over the last 10 years from 11.4 in 1998 to 13.4 million in 2008 - Posted 13 October 2008

- The final version of the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC), Revision 4 has been released and is available on the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) Classifications website at . Additional information, such as correspondence tables, etc., will also be posted soon at the same website
- Posted 13 August 2008

- Enumeration for the 2008 Malawi Population and Housing Census was officially launched on the 8 June and the closing date fixed for the 28th June - Posted 18 July 2008

- Algeria had 34.8 million residents on 16th of April 2008. These results are available on the National Office for Statistics of Algeria website at the following address: - Posted 16 July 2008

- L'Algérie compte 34,8 millions de résidents au 16 avril 2008. Ces résultats sont disponibles sur notre site à l'adresse suivante: - Posted 16 July 2008

- Tonga Statistics Department conducted their Population and Housing Census on the 30th of November 2006, and released the Preliminary Result in December 2006. The Department also released some Census products since December 2007 and recently the final result. All of these releases are available from the Tonga Statistics Department website at: - Posted 14 July 2008

- Results of the El Salvador 2007 Census have been published - Posted 7 July 2008

- The preliminary results from the Mozambique 2007 General Population and Housing Census have been published - Posted 30 June 2008

- The preliminary population figure for the Liberia 2008 National Population and Housing Census is 3,489,072. The preliminary results of the 2008 census, which was conducted 21st -30th March 2008, were released on 20 June 2008 - Posted 26 June 2008

- Initial planning for the Cayman Islands’ next Population and Housing Census officially began yesterday (12 June) with the first meeting of the 2010 Census Advisory Committee (CAC) - Posted 19 june 2008

- 32 020: that was the number of inhabitants of the 200 hectares of the Principality of Monaco according to the last census in 2000. This figure will soon be updated with the new census 2008, planned to be conducted from June 9 to July 31 - Posted 16 June 2008

- The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Statistics Division, together with other partners, organized the Regional Workshop on promoting disability data collection through the 2010 Population and Housing Censuses, Bangkok, 8–10 April 2008. For more information, see: - Posted 16 June 2008

- The process for updating maps for the 3rd general population and housing census, which is expected to be undertaken in 2008, is currently taking place in Guinea-Bissau - Posted 13 June 2008

- The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) supports member countries in preparing for the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses - Posted 13 June 2008

- The Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 2 is now available in print form. To obtain a print copy, please contact: United Nations Sales Section, DC2-0853, New York 10017, USA; Fax: 212-963-3489; Website: - Posted 19 May 2008

- For the National Census 2007 of Peru, it was installed and continuous in operation the Consultative Commission of the National Census - Posted 13 May 2008

- Para los Censos Nacionales 2007 de Perú, se instaló y continua en funcionamiento la Comisión Consultiva de los Censos Nacionales - Posted 13 May 2008

- Algeria is undertaking its 5th population and housing census after those conducted in 1966, 1977, 1987 and 1998 - Posted 7 May 2008

- L’Algérie réalise son 5ème Recensement de la Population et de l’Habitat, après ceux réalisés en 1966, 1977, 1987 et 1998 - Posted 7 May 2008

- The United States typically conducts a "dress rehearsal" for its decennial census of population and housing, two years before the actual Census - Posted 21 April 2008

- The Saint Helena Population and Housing Census took place on 10 February 2008. With the enumeration completed, census questionnaires were delivered to the Development and Economic Planning Department and manual checking began - Posted 14 April 2008

- Malawi will conduct a census from 1-21 June 2008 - Posted 7 April 2008

- The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized a Seminar on Recent Experiences in Population Census for the 2007 population and housing censuses in Ethiopia and Mozambique - Posted 10 March 2008

- United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) has organized 4 regional workshops on census mapping with use of GIS - Posted 8 February 2008

- The theme of the 3rd Africa Symposium on Statistical Development was “Best Practice & Exchanging Experience: Africa 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses” - Posted 8 February 2008

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