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Mongolia has launched preparations for the 2010 Population and Housing Census (PHC) scheduled to be conducted between 10 and 16 January 2010. In the past, Mongolia undertook 9 times of population censuses of which the last four with housing census.

The 2010 PHC will be the first census to be conducted under the implementation of new Population and Housing Census law, which was adopted by the Parliament of Mongolia in January 2008. A High level National Census Commission chaired by the Prime Minister of Mongolia was established in order to ensure necessary support for the census and the coordination of government agencies to be involved in the census undertaking.

As the main organizer of the census undertaking, the National Statistical Office of Mongolia has developed a Census Master Plan for the first time in order to carefully plan all steps and interrelated activities to ensure successful preparation and completion of the census.

Digital mapping and GIS (Geographical Information System) will be introduced to the 2010 PHC and steps toward employing scanning technology in the data processing phase have been made.

Within the framework of the census preparation, Pilot Census has been successfully conducted in selected administrative units of rural and urban areas between 11 and 17 January 2009. As it occurred in the same period of time as of the actual census, it presented an opportunity to trial all organizational and functional activities and to observe the challenges likely to occur during the 2010 census.

The Pilot Census was conducted on the sample of 6 units that represented different characteristics of the country and covered over 5900 households and 23000 individuals (approximately 0.8% of the total population).

Within the framework of the Pilot Census, household waypoint taking using GPS handheld receivers was tested successfully and when the results are processed we would be able to produce spatial analysis on the tested areas.




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