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2009 Population and Housing Census in the Kyrgyz Republic is the aggregated database and main source of information about population  

According to the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the conduct of Population and Housing Census in 2009 in the Kyrgyz Republic” (December 29, 2005 №661) the census is being carried out on the whole territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. For the first time, qualitative and quantitative indicators on housing fund, and simultaneously population are being enumerated during this census.

Kyrgyz Republic participates in the round of world censuses of 2005-2014 according to recommendations of UN Statistical Commission, UNFPA, and UNECE to produce more reliable and detailed information about the population (number of men and women by age, place of residence, employment, education level, its distribution by social groups/ethnicity, nationality), its social-demographic characteristics, living conditions, provision of housing, determination of number of working age population and its economic activity, study the situation in labour market, migration processes, as well as, housing of the country. The census data are very important for policy, economy, science, forecasting, and ecological development. Detailed census data will be used as the database for making current demographic calculations.

Government and local authorities are the main authorities responsible for carrying out the census. On March 24, 2009, at 08.00 a.m., 13816 enumerators went out to their enumeration areas to carry out the census. Each enumerator has the certificate verified by heads of local authorities (akim of rayon or mayor of city/town), as well as, by head of regional (city/district) statistical office. Results of the PH census will be the part of results of world population census according to World Population and Housing Census Programme.


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