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United Nations Regional Workshop on Improving Statistics on Fertility, Mortality and Disability in Africa

14-18 June 2004, Accra, Ghana


The purpose of this workshop is to review procedures for obtaining fertility and mortality statistics by maximizing the use of multiple data sources and propose strategies for improving civil registration in the region. The workshop will also review national approaches to the collection of disability statistics. In addition, the meeting will explore ways of increasing the utilization of fertility, mortality and disability statistics at national and international levels. In this regard, the Demographic Yearbook system of collection and dissemination of these statistics will be considered.

List of documents:
- Note to participants
- Participant form
- Organization of work (provisional), forthcoming
Reference material:
- Handbook on the Collection of Fertility and Mortality data (PDF 3.13 MB)
- Guidelines and Principles for the Development of Disability Statistics
(PDF 741 KB)
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