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Technical Report

The technical report on status of civil registration and vital statistics systems describes country practices in registering vital events and producing vital statistics from various data sources.

The technical report features areas such as organisation of the civil registration system, organisation structure of the vital statistics system, status of civil registration and vital statistics system in the country, use of population censuses and sample surveys as sources of vital statistics and availability of vital statistics.

The major sources of data for the technical report is the proceedings of the United Nations Workshop on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, including the questionnaires completed by countries participants, the country presentations and status reports as well as the exchange of information between UNSD staff and country representatives during the workshop.

Other sources include technical reports, publications and websites on civil registration and vital statistics published by national civil registration authorities and national statistical offices.

Information on the availability of national vital statistics is obtained from the United Nations Demographic Yearbook data collection system.

The technical report prepared thus far is: File Size


CRVS Technical Report Series, Vol. 1. ESCWA Region (March 2009)   PDF 3.3M


CRVS Technical Report Series, Vol. 2. SADC Region (August 2010)   PDF 2.4M


CRVS Technical Report Series, Vol. 3. African English-speaking countries (June 2016)   PDF 11.2M

Feasibility study to accelerate the improvement of civil registration and vital statistics

As part of the activities of the International Programme for Accelerating the Improvement of Vital Statistics and Civil Registration Systems, adopted in 1991 by the Statistical Commission, studies are carried out in selected countries to review and evaluate the feasibility of achieving the International Programme goals related to increasing the civil registration coverage, improving the quality and timeliness of information collected and consequently, generating and disseminating comprehensive and reliable vital statistics.

The study covered the following information: (1) demographic information in the country; (2) current status of civil registration and vital statistics system in the country – in terms of the existing administrative infrastructure, legal framework, procedures for recording and transmitting information to Registrar General in the country, main obstacles and weaknesses and possible solutions; and (3) national strategy that would establish an accelerated and sustainable programme to improve the civil registration system in the country in short and medium term.


The study is published for three countries and available online for: File Size
Ecuador   PDF 8.5M
Guatemala   PDF 6.4M
Mexico   PDF 7.3M
Philippines   PDF 4.2M

International Institute for Vital Registration and Statistics (IIVRS) Technical papers (Last updated: April 2014)

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