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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and NAICS 2012 (US)

1665 records found
ISIC Rev.4NAICS 2012 (US)PartDetail 
 311930*except fruit juice based flavoring syrups and concentrates
 311941*except non-alcoholic apple cider
 311942*except the combined mining and processing of table salt, fruit and fruit juice extracts
 311991*except cole slaw, fresh cut or peeled potatoes, tofu, and fresh pasta
 311999*except fresh cut or peeled fruits and vegetables, fried noodles, and dried pasta dish mixes made entirely from purchased dried ingredients
1101312130*brandies and fruit spirits
 312140*except potable ethyl alcohol
1102312130*except brandies and fruit spirits
 313310*preparation of fibers
 314999*processing textile mill waste
1312313210*except artificial fur on woven base
1313313310*except preparation of fibers
 313320*except rubberizing fabric
 314999*embroidery, decorative stitching, dyeing, etc. on textile articles and apparel
 323113*screen printing on made up textile products, including apparel
 561990*cloth cutting, winding, or bolting for the trade
1392314120*except plastics shower curtains and table cloths made from purchased materials
 314910*except plastics blanket bags
 314999*miscellaneous textile products, such as dust cloths, sleeping bags, etc.
 336360*automobile motor vehicle interior systems (headliners, panels ), seat belts, tire covers and seat covers made from purchased fabrics
 337920*except wooden blinds and drapery rods, plastics shades and drapery rods, metal drapery rods, and metal shades and blinds
 314999*rug binding for the trade and carpet cutting, carpets made from purchased fabric
 314999*knotted rope net products made from purchased rope
 313240*lace and lace products except knit lace, except finishing
 314999*bats, batting, upholstery filling, textile fire hose, and similar industrial textile products; powder puffs and mitts

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