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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and NAICS 2012 (US)

1665 records found
ISIC Rev.4NAICS 2012 (US)PartDetail 
2022325998*textile dye preparations and other household dye or tinting preparations (except hair)
 339940*artists' paints and colors
 325612*except household and industrial disinfectants, household lye, and laundry starch
 325613*except leather and textile finishing agents, mordants
 325998*incense and engine degreasers
 332999*soap impregnated metal scouring pads
2029325199*synthetic plasticizer compounds, synthetic accelerators, synthetic essential oils, naphthenic acid soaps
 325413*diagnostic reagents
 325612*laundry starch
 325613*leather and textile finishing agents, mordants
 325992*except toner cartridges
 325998*except distilled water, textile dye preparations, household dye (except hair) drilling mud compounds, and aerosol packaging
 332992*small arms percussion caps and primers
 332993*detonators, fuses, and primers for ammunition
2030325220*except cellophane film or sheet
2100325199*salicylic acid (nonmedicinal)
 325413*except diagnostic reagents
 339113*surgical dressings, surgical sutures, etc., medicated
2211326211*except rubber tire repair materials
2219313320*rubberized fabric
 315990*rubber bathing caps and aprons
 326211*rubber tire repair materials
 326220*except plastics hose and belting
 326299*except rubber battery separators
 337910*rubber waterbed mattresses
 339920*rubber wet suits and diving suits
 339991*except textile, leather, cork, paper, plastic, nonmetallic mineral and multimaterial laminated gaskets
2220314120*plastics shower curtains and table cloths made from purchased materials
 314910*plastics blanket bags - heat seamed
 321999*plastic shoe lasts

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