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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and NAICS 2007 (US)

1769 records found
ISIC Rev.4NAICS 2007 (US)PartDetail 
 212325*except non-clay ceramic and refractory minerals
 212399*other crushed stone including anhydrite, pulpstone, millstone, grindstone, gypsum, alabaster and pulpstone
0891212312*quarrying or mining marl
 212393*except salt extraction or evaporation of brine to obtain salt
0892212399*peat mining, digging or beneficiating in combination with mining
0893212393*salt extraction or evaporation of brine to obtain salt
 311942*mining and processing of table salt
0899212325*ceramic and refractory minerals except clays and bentonite (for example fullers earth, feldspar, and magnesite)
 212399*quarrying or mining abrasives, bitumins, natural asphalt, gem stones, mica, graphite, and other nonmetallic minerals n.e.c..
 488999*liquefaction of natural gas at the mine site
0990213113*except overburden removal for coal mining
 213114*except overburden removal for metal mining
 213115*except overburden removal for nonmetallic mineral mining
1010311412*frozen meat entrees - prepared
 311611 animal slaughtering
 311612*except meat extracts made from purchased carcasses
 311712*whale slaughtering
1020311711*except soups, chowders, stews, broth, fish oils or the combined gathering and processing of seafood
 311712*except soups, chowders, stews, broth, fish oils, whale slaughtering, or the combined gathering and processing of seafood
1030311211*potato flour
 311421*except catsup and similar tomato sauces
 311423*except soup mixes
 311919*potato chips and potato snacks
 311930*fruit juice based flavoring syrups and concentrates
 311941*apple cider, non-alcoholic
 311942*fruit and fruit juice extracts
 311991*cole slaw, fresh cut or peeled potatoes, tofu
 311999*fresh cut or peeled fruits and vegetables
1040311221*vegetable oils (except corn), margarine, and other edible and inedible oils produced by wet milling

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