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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and ISIC Rev.3.1

737 records found
ISIC Rev.4ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
27902929*Manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning machines (except laboratory and dental)
 3110*Manufacture of battery chargers, rectifiers, solid-state inverters
 3120*Manufacture of surge suppressors
 3130*Manufacture of extension cords
 3150*Manufacture of electrical signs
 3190*Manufacture of other electrical equipment
 3210*Manufacture of solid-state fuel cells, power supplies; manufacture of non-electronic electric components, such as non-electronic capacitors, resistors etc. (e.g. power capacitors)
28112911*Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines; excluding pistons, piston rings, carburetors, inlet and exhaust valves for internal combustion engines, turbine-generator sets
 2912*Manufacture of carburetors
 3110*Manufacture of turbine-generator sets
 3430*Manufacture of pistons and piston rings, inlet and exhaust valves etc. for motor vehicle engines
 3530*Manufacture of pistons and piston rings, inlet and exhaust valves etc. for aircraft engines
 3591*Manufacture of pistons and piston rings, inlet and exhaust valves etc. for cycle engines
28122519*Rubber fluid power hose assemblies with fittings (but not valves or similar accessories)
 2912*Manufacture of fluid power equipment
 2913*Manufacture of hydraulic transmission equipment
28152914*Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners, except permanent-mount heating equipment and household-type furnaces; excluding repair and installation
 2930*Manufacture of electric space heaters (non-portable), household-type furnaces etc.
28162915*Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment, except hand trucks and wheelbarrows; excluding repair and installation
 3599*Manufacture of hand trucks and wheelbarrows
28172429*Manufacture of toner cartridges
 2899*Manufacture of white boards and marker boards
 3000*Manufacture of office machinery and equipment, except computers and peripheral equipment
 3230*Manufacture of dictating machines
 3610*Manufacture of blackboards
28192919*Manufacture of general-purpose machinery (see other links for exceptions)
 2922*Manufacture of non-electric welding, brazing or soldering equipment
 2930*Manufacture of attic ventilation fans
 3312*Manufacture of machinists precision tools (except optical), levels, tape measures etc.
28222922*Manufacture of metal-forming machinery and machine tools; except manufacture of power-driven hand tools; welding, brazing or soldering machines
 3190*Manufacture of electroplating machinery
28262926*Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production, except textile printing machinery
 2929*Manufacture of textile printing machinery and industrial clothes-dryers

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