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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and ISIC Rev.3.1

737 records found
ISIC Rev.4ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
25992899*Manufacture of other fabricated metal products (see other links for exceptions)
 3190*Manufacture of permanent metallic magnets
 3699*Manufacture of metal vacuum jugs and bottles, badges, combs, frames etc.
26102429*Manufacture of semifinished dice or wafers, semiconductors
 2520*Technical laminates used to produce printed circuit boards
 3000*Manufacture of computer modems
 3110*Manufacture of electronic transformers (solid state), coils, chokes, and other inductors
 3120*Manufacture of electronic connectors such as cylindrical, rack and panel, printed circuit, etc.; electronic switches, such as snap, toggle, rocker, etc., for use in electronic apparatus
 3130*Manufacture of printer cables, monitor cables, USB cables, connectors etc.
 3210*Manufacture of electronic components and boards
 3230*Manufacture of heads (pickup, recording, read/write, etc.), phonograph needles
26303190*Manufacture of burglar and fire alarm systems
 3220*Manufacture of communication equipment, except remote controls, pagers, burglar and fire alarm systems, installation of communications equipment
 3230*Manufacture of infrared devices (e.g. remote controls), pagers
26403230*Manufacture of consumer electronics, except video game consoles and digital cameras
 3694*Manufacture of video game consoles
26513190*Manufacture of pulse generators
 3220*Manufacture of GPS equipment
 3312*Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment
 3313*Manufacture of industrial process control equipment
26703230*Manufacture of digital cameras
 3312*Manufacture of optical range finders
 3320*Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment; except digital cameras, optical fibres and optical fibre cables, mirrors, reflectors and optical range finders
27103110*Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers, except turbine-generator sets
 3120*Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus, except wiring devices
27313130*Manufacture of fibre optic cable for data transmission
 3320*Manufacture of fibre optic cable for live transmission of images
27332520*Manufacture of plastic non current carrying wiring devices (junction boxes, face plates etc.)
 3120*Manufacture of wiring devices
 3190*Manufacture of indicator panels; electrical conduit tubing and joints for such tubing, of base metal lined with insulating material
27403150*Manufacture of electric lighting equipment, including for railways, aircraft, boats; except electrical signs
 3190*Manufacture of lighting equipment for motor vehicles, electrical fireplace logs, electrical insect lamps
27902922*Manufacture of electric welding, brazing or soldering equipment

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