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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and ISIC Rev.3.1

737 records found
ISIC Rev.4ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
33133190*Repair of pulse generators
 3220*Repair of GPS equipment
 3230*Repair of digital cameras
 3311*Repair of electro-diagnostic apparatus, X-ray and similar apparatus, irradiation apparatus and tubes (medical and other), hearing aids, pace makers, mirrors, reflectors
 3312*Repair of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment
 3313*Repair of industrial process control equipment
 3320*Repair of optical instruments and photographic equipment (except household goods)
 5260*Repair of cameras (except digital cameras)
33142520*Repair of plastic non current carrying wiring devices (junction boxes, face plates etc.)
 2922*Repair of electric welding, brazing or soldering equipment
 2929*Repair of ultrasonic cleaning machines (except laboratory and dental)
 3110*Repair of electric motors, generators and transformers, battery chargers etc.
 3120*Repair of electricity distribution and control apparatus
 3130*Repair of electric and electronic wires and cables (except computer cables etc.)
 3140*Repair of accumulators etc.
 3150*Repair of electric lighting equipment
 3190*Repair of other electrical equipment
 3210*Repair of solid-state fuel cells, power supplies; non-electronic electric components, such as non-electronic capacitors, resistors etc. (e.g. power capacitors)
33153511*Repair and maintenance of ships
 3512*Repair and maintenance of pleasure boats
 3520*Repair of railway cars etc.
 3530*Repair and maintenance of aircraft
 3599*Repair of animal-drawn vehicles
 6303*Maintenance and minor repair of rolling stock
33191721*Repair of canvas products, tarpaulin, fertilizer and chemical storage bags
 1723*Repair of ropes, fishing nets, including mending
 2023*Repair or reconditioning of wooden pallets, shipping drums or barrels, and similar items
 2029*Repair of other wood products, except household goods (e.g. wooden spools and similar parts of textile machinery)
 2519*Repair of rubber products (except tyres)
 2520*Repair of plastic products
 2610*Repair of glass and glass products
 2699*Repair of millstones, grindstones, polishing stones etc.
 3311*Repair of orthopedic and prosthetic devices, gas masks
 3312*Repair of laboratory sterilizers and laboratory type distilling apparatus
 3330*Repair of parking meters, time clocks, time/date stamps, time locks, and similar timing devices
 3692*Restoring of organs and other historical musical instruments
 3694*Repair of pinball machines and other coin-operated games
33202813*Installation of steam generators, nuclear reactors
 2911*Installation of engines and turbines
 2912*Installation of industrial machinery-type pumps

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