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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and ISIC Rev.4

737 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1ISIC Rev.4PartDetail 
33202731*Manufacture of fibre optic cable for live transmission of images
 2829*Manufacture of photolithography equipment for semiconductor manufacture
 3250*Manufacture of ophthalmic goods, eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, safety goggles
 3313*Repair of optical instruments and photographic equipment (except household goods)
 3211*Manufacture of watch bands of precious metal
 3212*Manufacture of watch bands of non-precious metal
 3319*Repair of parking meters, time clocks, time/date stamps, time locks, and similar timing devices
 3311*Repair and maintenance of containers
34301392*Textile headliners, panels, seat belts
 2811*Manufacture of pistons and piston rings, inlet and exhaust valves etc. for motor vehicle engines
 2930*Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles; except manufacture of car seats, motor vehicle electrical equipment, inlet and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
35113011*Except repair and maintenance of ships
 3315*Repair and maintenance of ships
 3315*Repair and maintenance of pleasure boats
35203020*Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock; except manufacture of railway car seats and lighting fixtures, repair of railway cars etc.
 3315*Repair of railway cars etc.
35302811*Manufacture of pistons and piston rings, inlet and exhaust valves etc. for aircraft engines
 2829*Manufacture of aircraft launching gear, catapults etc.
 3030*Manufacture of air and spacecraft; except manufacture of aircraft seats and lighting fixtures, repair of aircraft
 3315*Repair and maintenance of aircraft
35912811*Manufacture of pistons and piston rings, inlet and exhaust valves etc. for cycle engines
35992816*Manufacture of hand trucks and wheelbarrows
 3100*Manufacture of restaurant carts etc.
 3312*Repair of hand trucks and wheelbarrows
 3315*Repair of animal-drawn vehicles
36102219*Manufacture of rubber waterbed mattresses
 2220*Plastic waterbed mattresses
 2817*Manufacture of blackboards
 2930*Manufacture of car seats
 3011*Manufacture of seats for ships and floating structures
 3020*Manufacture of railway car seats
 3030*Manufacture of aircraft seats
 3100*Manufacture of furniture (see other links for exceptions)

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