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Correspondence between NAICS 2002 (US) and ISIC Rev.3.1

1911 records found
NAICS 2002 (US)ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
3121134030*ice manufacturing for nonfood purposes
3121201553*manufacture of beer, ale, lager, etc.
3121300113*integrated grape growing and wine manufacturing
 1551*brandies and fruit spirits
 1552 manufacture of grape wines, manufacture of fruit wines, alcoholic cider, and apple jack; blending wine, vermouth and wine coolers, blending wines
3121401551*potable distilled alcoholic beverages (except brandies) and blending liqueurs and other ingredients without distilling, manufacture of potable ethyl alcohol, blending and mixing distilled spirits without distilling
3122101600*stemming and redrying tobacco
3122211600*manufacturing tobacco cigarettes and imitation tobacco cigarettes
3122291600*manufacturing snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, pipe tobacco, and reconstituted tobacco
3131111711*manufacture of paper jute, ramie, and other hard fiber yarns, silk yarn, flax-type fiber yarns, cotton-type fiber yarns, or worsted-type fiber yarns from purchased fibers
3131121711*manufacture of woolen-type yarns, hard fiber yarns, flax-type yarns,flax-type yarns, worsted-type yarns, silk yarns from purchased yarn, manufacture of synthetic or artificial filament yarns, or cotton-type yarns from purchased yarn
3131131711*manufacture of sewing threads of any textile material
3132101711*flax, ramie, jute and other hard fiber, silk and manmade, worsted-type, woolen, or cotton broadwoven fabrics (including woven fiberglass fabric), fabricated textile articles (linens for example) made in broadwoven fabric mills
3132211729*manufacture of narrow fabrics and products thereof such as labels, bindings, elastics, webbing, shoe laces, and similar narrow goods
 2519*rubber thread and yarn, fabric coated
3132221729*Schiffli machine embroideries
3132301729*nonwoven blankets and similar items made in nonwoven fabric mills, manufacture of nonwoven fabrics and felts, including wicks and wicking, nonwoven fabric and products thereof made in the same establishment
3132411730*weft knit fabric, textile products (except apparel) made in weft knitting mills
3132491729*lace and lace products (except finishing)
 1730*warp and other knit fabric, lace fabric, textile products (except apparel) made in other knit fabric and lace mills
3133111712*finishing broadwoven fabrics
3133121711*preparation of fibers, such as carding and combing, hard fibers, silk or manmade textile fibers, flax-type fibers, worsted-type fibers or woolen-type fibers, such as degreasing, carbonizing, and carding
 1712*finishing fabrics and textile products, other than broadwoven
3133201712*waterproofing, coating, impregnating, etc., apparel products for others
 1729*coating or impregnating purchased fabrics, including buckram, painters canvas, etc.
 1810*coating, rubberizing, or impregnating purchased garments (own account garments as output)
 2519*rubberized fabric
3141101722*carpets and rugs and associated activities such as dyeing and finishing carpets and rugs
3141211721*curtains and draperies made from purchased fabric
3141291721*bed spreads, sheets, towels, tablecloths, shower curtains, etc., made from purchased materials
 2520*plastics shower curtains and tablecloths made from purchased materials
3149111721*textile bags made from purchased materials
 1912*plastics blanket bags - sewn
 2520*plastics blanket bags - heat seamed
3149121721*canvas and related products, such as sails, awnings, tarps, etc.
3149911723*rope, cordage, and twine and products thereof made in cordage and rope mills
3149921729*tire cord and fabric of all materials, reinforcing for industrial belting and similar uses
3149991711*processing textile mill waste, silk and manmade fibers, cotton, woolen, worksted-type, flax-type
 1712*embroidery, decorative stitching, dyeing, etc., on textile articles
 1721*miscellaneous textile products, such as dust cloths, sleeping bags, etc.

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