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Correspondence between NAICS 2002 (US) and ISIC Rev.3.1

1911 records found
NAICS 2002 (US)ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
3112111531*manufacturing grain flour (except rice) and/or milling flower and producing mixes or dough, fruit and vegetable flour
3112121531*rice milling, rice flour
3112131553*malt manufacturing
3112211532*crude vegetable oils produced by wet milling, refined vegetable oils made in wet milling plants, margarine, shortening, and similar edible oils made in wet milling plants, wet corn milling and starches and starch products
3112221514*soybean oils, crude or refined in crushing mills,soy based margarine, shortening, and similar edible oils made in crushing mills
3112231514*refined oilseed oils made in crushing mills (except soybean), crude oilseed oils (except soybean), margarine, shortening, and similar edible oils (except soy based) made in oilseed crushing mills, integrated olive growing and olive oil production
3112251511*blending edible animal fats and oils
 1514*refining and blending purchased animal, vegetable and oilseed fats and/or oils, margarine, shortening, and similar edible oils made from purchased oils
 1532*corn oil made from purchased oil
3112301531*manufacture of cereal breakfast foods
3113111542*manufacture of raw cane sugar from sugarcane and the manufacture of refined sugar in sugarcane mills (integrated production)
3113121542*manufacture of refined cane sugar from purchased raw cane sugar
3113131542*processing refined beet sugar from sugar beets
3113201543*processing cacao beans, manufacture of chocolate confections starting with cacao beans
3113301543*manufacturing confections from purchased chocolate
3113401543*sugar confectionery, nonchocolate
 1549*sugarless confectionery and gum, nonchocolate breakfast bars, granola bars and clusters, and similar sportsman food preparations
3114111513*frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen prepared potato products (e.g., frozen french fries), fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, frozen
 1549*dietetic homogenized frozen fruits, juices, or vegetables
3114121513*frozen specialties based on fruits or vegetables
 1541*frozen french toast, waffles, and pancakes (NAICS US and NAICS Canada, SCIAN 311813)
 1544*prepared frozen pasta products (frozen pasta or pasta combined with other ingredients)
 1549*dietetic and low sodium frozen specialty foods, other frozen specialties including dinners, pizza, soups, pot pies, and whipped topping
3114211513*canned potatoes, fresh and canned fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, canned fruits, vegetables, and products including jams and jellies
 1549*catsup and similar tomato sauces, fruits and vegetables, canned, homogenized or dietetic
3114221513*canned specialties based on fruits or vegetables including baked beans, bean sprouts, Chinese food, and mincemeat
 1544*prepared canned pasta products, such as canned spaghetti or canned noodles
 1549*baby food, including meat, canned; dietetic foods, canned, soups, meats, and other prepared foods
3114231513*dehydrating potato products (e.g., granules and flakes), dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables
 1549*soup mixes
3115111520*fluid milk and products such as sour cream, cottage cheese, sour cream dips, yogurt, nonalcoholic eggnog, and flavored milk drinks
3115121520*butter manufacturing
3115131520*cheese and cheese products, such as cheese dip
 1549*imitation or substitute cheese products
3115141520*dry, condensed, and evaporated milk, whey, lactose, ultra heat treated milk
 1549*infant formula, dietary drinks (dairy and nondairy)
3115201520*ice cream frozen ice, frozen yogurt, sorbet, frozen tofu, frozen pudding, frozen juice pops, and similar frozen desserts
3116111511*animal slaughtering
3116121511*meat and meat products produced from purchased carcasses and producing finer cuts from purchased meats
3116131511*rendering and refining of lard and other edible animal fats and oils

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