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Correspondence between NAICS 2002 (US) and ISIC Rev.3.1

1911 records found
NAICS 2002 (US)ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
9221907522*civil defense activities
 7523*disaster preparedness offices, emergency planning and management offices, and similar
9231107511*education statistics centers
 7512*administration of education programs
9231207511*health statistics centers
 7512*administration of public health programs
9231307512*administration of human resource programs
 7530 social security, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and similar social welfare programs
9231407512*administration of veterans' affairs programs, veterans' benefit program administration
9241107512*water and solid waste program administration
9241207512*community recreation program administration, fish and game commissions, erosion control programs, etc.
 7513*conservation and stabilization program administration
 7523*fishery inspection and protection
9251107512*administration of housing programs
9251207513*administration of community development programs, urban planning, zoning, and similar
9261107511*general government statistics centers
 7512*administration of art and cultural programs
 7513*small business administrations, tourism development offices, and similar
 7521*foreign cultural activities
9261207513*administration of transportation programs
 7523*coast guard activities (except academy)
9261307513*regulation and administration of utilities (except water and sewer programs)
9261407513*regulation and administration of agricultural programs
9261507513*regulation of insurance, banking, alcoholic beverages, building inspections, labor and occupational standards, and similar
9271107511*administration of space programs and administration of space program research and development funds
9281107521*foreign military aid
 7522*activities of the military directly related to national defense (including administration of the military)
 7523*military courts, military police, coast guard, and similar
9281207521*international affairs
 7523*immigration and border police
 9900 UN, world bank, and similar

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