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Correspondence between NAICS 2002 (US) and ISIC Rev.3.1

The following table shows the links between the selected classifications. In case of a partial link, the detail column specifies the portion of the second classification. An icon in the last column signifies comments, such as changes after the original publication. Clicking on the codes of either classification links to the definition of that particular category.

1911 records found
NAICS 2002 (US)ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
09600 one to many links 96 to all of NAICS based on the goods
 9700 one to many links 97 to all of NAICS based on the services
1111200111*oilseeds, including sunflower, rape seed, canola, sesame
1111300111*dry peas and beans
1111500111*corn (except sweet corn)
1111910111*combination oilseed and grain farming
1111990111*rye, barley, oats, wild rice
1112190111*sweet potatoes and yams
 0112*vegetables, melons, sweet corn, onions, cabbages, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, etc., grown in fields
1113200113*citrus groves (except orange)
1113320113*grape vineyards
1113330113*strawberry farms
1113340113*berry (except strawberry) farms
1113350111*nuts used chiefly for oil extraction including tung nuts
 0113*edible nuts
1113360113*combination fruit and tree nut farming
1113390113*banana, cherry, apricot, olive, fig, date, coffee, peach, pineapple, prune, and similar noncitrus fruits
1114190111*herbs and ginseng grown under cover
 0112*growing melons, vegetables, etc., under cover
 0113*fruit grown under cover
 0502*seaweed grown under cover
1114210112*nursery products, such as shrubs, bulbs, fruit stock, sod, and similar nursery stock (except tree nurseries and farms)
 0200*short rotation tree farming (such as Christmas trees)
1114220112*floriculture products, such as cut flowers, potted flower and foliage plants, and flower seeds
1119400111*growing hay
1119910111*sugar beets
1119980111*natural rubber latex; field crops, n.e.c.; and combinations of grains, cereal crops, and other similar crops
 0112*maple sugar and syrup production in the field, spice crop production
 0113*tea and mate; and combinations of crops of fruit, nut, beverage, and spice crops

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