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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and NAICS 2002 (US)

1911 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1NAICS 2002 (US)PartDetail 
1810315299*cut and sew waterproof apparel, capes, gowns, etc.
 315991 hats, caps, and millinery
 315992*gloves and mittens
 315993 ties and other neckwear
 315999*women's scarves, apparel belts, handkerchiefs, etc., made from purchased fabrics
 316999*complete leather protective garments for welders, etc., leather industrial work accessories, including welders’ leather aprons
 339113*fire-resistant and protective safety clothing
 339999*hair nets
1820315211*cut and sew contractors for artificial fur coats
 315212*cut and sew contractors for artificial fur coats
 315234*cut and sew artificial fur coats
 315292*fur apparel (except hats)
 315992*fur gloves and mittens
 316110*tanning and finishing furs and hides with hair
1911316110*tanning and finishing leather
1912314911*plastics blanket bags - sewn
 316991 manufacturing luggage of any material
 316992 manufacturing handbags and purses for any material (except precious metal)
 316993 manufacture of small articles carried about the person or in a handbag (key cases, billfolds, toilet kits, watchbands, etc.) of all materials (except precious metal)
 316999*saddlery, dog furnishings (collars and leashes), leather belting for machinery, and similar leather products
 339113*linemen’s safety belts and other belts for occupational use
 339991*leather gaskets
1920316211 rubber or plastic footwear
 316212 slippers
 316213 men's dress, work, and casual footwear
 316214 women's dress, work, and casual footwear
 316219 athletic footwear, infants footwear, cleated footwear, etc.
 316999*footwear cut stock (uppers, soles, etc.)
 321999*wood heels
 326199*plastic footwear parts
 326299*rubber boot and shoe heels and soles and other rubber footwear parts
2010113310*production of wood chips in the forest, portable chipper mills
 321113*wood and wood products produced in sawmills (except shingles and shakes)
 321114 treating wood and wood products or cutting wood for posts, poles, and the like and further treating the cut wood products
 321912*cutting, resawing, or planing lumber initially cut in other locations
 321918*wood flooring, strip
 321999*excelsior, wood wool, kiln drying of lumber
2021321211 hardwood veneer and plywood
 321212 softwood veneer and plywood
 321219 sheets, boards, and panels made by combining wood chips or strands with adhesive or binders

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