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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and NAICS 2002 (US)

1911 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1NAICS 2002 (US)PartDetail 
1549311941*vinegar, mayonnaise, dressings, and other prepared sauces
 311942*manufacture of spices
 311991*salads, sandwiches, peeled or cut vegetables including potatoes, box lunches, prepared meals, tofu (bean curd), pizza, and other prepared packaged perishable foods for immediate use but not necessarily for immediate consumption
 311999*dried or processed eggs, gelatin and thickeners, yeast, dried food mixes made from purchased dried ingredients (no drying or dehydrating), and other foods, n.e.c.
 312113*ice manufacturing for food purposes
1551312130*brandies and fruit spirits
 312140 potable distilled alcoholic beverages (except brandies) and blending liqueurs and other ingredients without distilling, manufacture of potable ethyl alcohol, blending and mixing distilled spirits without distilling
 325193*manufacture of fermented nonpotable ethyl alcohol
1552312130*manufacture of grape wines, manufacture of fruit wines, alcoholic cider, and apple jack; blending wine, vermouth and wine coolers, blending wines
1553311213 malt manufacturing
 312120 manufacture of beer, ale, lager, etc.
1554312111 manufacturing of soft drinks and artificially carbonated waters
 312112 purifying and bottling water
1600312210 stemming and redrying tobacco
 312221 manufacturing tobacco cigarettes and imitation tobacco cigarettes
 312229 manufacturing snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, pipe tobacco, and reconstituted tobacco
1711313111 manufacture of paper jute, ramie, and other hard fiber yarns, silk yarn, flax-type fiber yarns, cotton-type fiber yarns, or worsted-type fiber yarns from purchased fibers
 313112 manufacture of woolen-type yarns, hard fiber yarns, flax-type yarns,flax-type yarns, worsted-type yarns, silk yarns from purchased yarn, manufacture of synthetic or artificial filament yarns, or cotton-type yarns from purchased yarn
 313113 manufacture of sewing threads of any textile material
 313210 flax, ramie, jute and other hard fiber, silk and manmade, worsted-type, woolen, or cotton broadwoven fabrics (including woven fiberglass fabric), fabricated textile articles (linens for example) made in broadwoven fabric mills
 313312*preparation of fibers, such as carding and combing, hard fibers, silk or manmade textile fibers, flax-type fibers, worsted-type fibers or woolen-type fibers, such as degreasing, carbonizing, and carding
 314999*processing textile mill waste, silk and manmade fibers, cotton, woolen, worksted-type, flax-type
1712313311 finishing broadwoven fabrics
 313312*finishing fabrics and textile products, other than broadwoven
 313320*waterproofing, coating, impregnating, etc., apparel products for others
 314999*embroidery, decorative stitching, dyeing, etc., on textile articles
 323113*screen printing on made up textile products, including apparel
 561990*cloth cutting, winding, or bolting for the trade
1721314121 curtains and draperies made from purchased fabric
 314129*bed spreads, sheets, towels, tablecloths, shower curtains, etc., made from purchased materials
 314911*textile bags made from purchased materials
 314912 canvas and related products, such as sails, awnings, tarps, etc.
 314999*miscellaneous textile products, such as dust cloths, sleeping bags, etc.
 336360*tire covers made from purchased fabrics
 337920*manufacturing blinds and window shades of canvas and similar textile fabrics
 339113*surgical drapes
 811310*repairing of fertilizer and chemical storage bags
1722314110 carpets and rugs and associated activities such as dyeing and finishing carpets and rugs
 314999*rug binding for the trade and carpet cutting, carpets made from purchased fabric
1723314991 rope, cordage, and twine and products thereof made in cordage and rope mills

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