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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and NAICS 2002 (US)

1911 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1NAICS 2002 (US)PartDetail 
0502111998*algae and seaweed farming
 112511 finfish farming and hatcheries
 112512 shellfish farming including production of cultured pearls
 112519*turtle and other animal aquaculture, n.e.c..
1010211111*liquefying and extracting coal
 212111*bituminous coal surface mining (including separate locations beneficiating bituminous coal whether from surface or underground mines)
 212112 bituminous coal underground mining
 212113 anthracite mining (including separate locations beneficiating anthracite coal)
 213113*anthracite coal recovery from culm banks and other contract or fee services to coal mining
 324199*hard-coal fuel briquettes
1020212111*lignite surface mining (including separate locations beneficiating lignite whether from surface or underground mines)
 324199*lignite fuel briquettes
1030212399*peat mining, digging or beneficiating in combination with mining
1110211111*extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
 211112 extraction of natural gas liquids
 488999*liquefaction and regasification of natural gas for purpose of transport
1120213111 drilling oil and gas wells
 213112*derrick construction, repair and dismantling services, cleaning wells, and other services incidental to oil and gas extraction performed on a contract or fee basis
 561990*oil and gas field fire fighting services as a commercial activity
1200212291*uranium mining and/or beneficiating
 212299*thorium mining and/or beneficiating
1310212210 iron ore mining and/or beneficiating
1320212221 gold mining and/or beneficiating
 212222 silver ore mining and/or beneficiating
 212231 lead and zinc ore mining and/or beneficiating
 212234 copper and nickel ore mining and/or beneficiating
 212291*vanadium and radium mining and/or beneficiating
 212299*bauxite, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, tungsten, mercury, monazite, molybdenum, rare earths, and other metal ore mining (except gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, nickel, and vanadium)
1410212311*mining or quarrying or building or monument stone (e.g., marble, granite, sandstone, limestone), mining or quarrying slate
 212312*crushed and broken limestone, dolomite, and chalk
 212313 crushed or broken granite
 212319*crushed or broken marble, slate, or stone (except bituminous limestone, bituminous sandstone, and mica schist)
 212321 quarrying sand or gravel for construction
 212322 mining or quarrying industrial sand
 212324 mining or kaolin and ball clay (including separate establishments beneficiating kaolin or ball clay)
 212325*mining of ceramic and refractory clays including bentonite (including separate establishments beneficiating these clays)
 212399*gypsum, alabaster, pulpstone, millstone, and grindstone mining, other crushed stone including anhydrite, pulpstone, millstone, and grindstone
1421212312*quarrying or mining marl
 212391 quarrying or mining of potash, soda, and borite minerals
 212392 quarrying or mining of phosphate rock

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