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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and NAICS 2002 (US)

1911 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1NAICS 2002 (US)PartDetail 
2221339950*printing plastic, wood, glass, etc., signs
2222323118*ring binders, looseleaf binders, and related device manufacturing
 323121 binding, sample mounting and post press services, such as embossing, gilding, edging, etc.
 323122 prepress services and plate making services, miscellaneous activities related to printing, such as punching and drilling, folding, embossing
2230334611 reproducing computer media
 334612 reproduction of sound or video recording
2310324199*coke oven products, such as coke, gasses, tar
2320324110 refined petroleum products produced from crude in the same establishment, asphalt paving mixtures, compounds, and mastics made in petroleum refineries
 324191 lubricating oil and grease made from purchased refined petroleum
 324199*wax, petroleum jelly, and similar products made from purchased refined petroleum
2330325188*manufacture of radio isotopes, uranium, enriched uranium, etc.
 325412*radioactive in-vivo diagnostic substances
 331419*uranium smelting and refining, primary
 562211*radioactive waste treatment facilities
2411325110 manufacture of paraffin and similar from purchased refined petroleum in petrochemical plants, cyclic and acyclic hydrocarbons
 325120 manufacture of industrial gases, including solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)
 325131 inorganic dyes and pigments
 325132 synthetic organic dyes and pigments
 325181 alkalies and chlorine
 325182 carbon black, bone black, lamp black
 325188*inorganic tanning agents, all other basic inorganic chemicals, including carbon disulfide
 325191*natural tanning and dyeing extracts, gum and wood chemicals
 325192 coal tar distillates, other cyclic crudes and intermediates
 325193*nonpotable synthetic ethyl alcohol (not fermented)
 325199*other natural colorings, nonfood, acetic acid and similar, other oxygen function compounds, such as ketone, synthetic glycerol, natural and synthetic alcohols (such as methyl), etc.
 325312*phosphoric acid
 325612*household lye
2412325188*ammonium chloride and other ammonium compounds not specified elsewhere, potassium nitrate, etc.
 325311 nitrogenous fertilizer and nitrogenous fertilizer inputs
 325312*phosphatic fertilizers and inputs
 325314 mixing purchased inputs to make fertilizer
2413325211 plastics resins
 325212 synthetic rubber manufacturing
 325991 custom compounding purchased resins
2421325320 pesticides and other agricultural chemicals in bulk or put up for retail sale
 325612*household and industrial disinfectants
2422325191*water pigments for finishing leather
 325510 paints and coatings
 325520*caulks and mastics (except glues)
 325910 printing inks, including duplicator

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