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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and NAICS 2002 (US)

1911 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1NAICS 2002 (US)PartDetail 
2109322121*sanitary paper goods made in paper mills, paper stationery made in paper mills, manufacture of other articles of paper in paper mills
 322130*sanitary paper goods, paper stationery, or manufacture of other articles of paper made in paperboard mills
 322214*cones, bobbins, spools, etc., made from purchased paperboard
 322215*paper cups, dishes, straws, etc., made from purchased paper or paperboard
 322222*gummed paper products (sheets, tape) tape, wallpaper, or labels, gummed stock, including printing done at the same establishment made from purchased paper or other materials, including cellophane tape
 322226*chipboard, coated or laminated, made from purchased paperboard
 322231 die-cut office supplies such as file cards, folders, adding machine rolls, and similar die-cut products used in offices, die-cut paperboard letters
 322232 envelopes
 322233 writing paper, typing paper, tablets, filler paper, and similar paper
 322291*sanitary products of paper
 322299*molded pulp cups, trays, dishes and similar sanitary paper goods, molded pulp egg trays and similar items, filters made from purchased paper, cigarette paper (book) made from purchased paper, confetti made from purchased paper
 323110*lithographic printing on purchased labels or tags
 323111*gravure printing on purchased labels or tags
 323112*flexographic printing on purchased labels or tags
 323113*screen printing on purchased labels and tags
 323119*other printing on purchased labels and tags
 339944*ready to use carbon paper, duplicator stencils, etc.
 339991*paper or paperboard gaskets made from purchased paper
 511130 books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, and atlases, includes books on tape
 511140*telephone books, other directory books
 511199*catalog and yearbook publishing
2212511110 newspaper publishers
 511120*advertising periodicals (advertising newspapers that come out weekly), periodical publishers (except advertising)
2213512210 production of records, tapes, CDs, and similar sound recordings
 512220 integrated record production and distribution
 512230*music books and sheet music publishing
2219511120*radio, TV, transport, and similar timetables
 511191 publishing greeting cards
 511199*art prints or reproductions, posters, racing forms, calendars, paper patterns, and shopping news, and other miscellaneous publishing
2221323110*lithographic newspaper printing, lithographic printing (except newspapers, books, blank books and fillers)
 323111*gravure newspaper printing, gravure printing (except newspapers, books, blank books, fillers)
 323112*flexographic newspaper printing, flexographic printing (except newspapers, books, blank books, fillers)
 323113*screen printing newspapers, screen printing (except newspapers, books, blank books, fillers)
 323114*short-run offset lithographic printing
 323115 digital printing of graphical materials
 323116 printing manifold business forms
 323117 printing books without publishing books
 323118*printing looseleaf fillers, blank books, notebooks, diaries, etc.
 323119*other newspaper printing, such as letterpress, other printing of items and miscellaneous printing, n.e.c.

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