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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.2 and ISIC Rev.3.1

562 records found
ISIC Rev.2ISIC Rev.3.1PartDetail 
35603140*Manufacture of battery separators, containers, parts, boxes, etc., of plastic
 3430*Manufacture of plastic grills and fenders for automobiles
 3610*Manufacture of plastics furniture
 3699*Manufacture of plastic vacuum bottles and vacuum bottle stoppers
 3720*Recycling of used plastic materials
36102691 Manufacture of non-structural non-refractory ceramic ware (pottery, china, and earthenware)
36202610*Manufacture of glass and glass products
 3190*Manufacture of glass insulating fittings
36912692*Manufacture of refractory clay products
 2693 Manufacture of structural non-refractory clay and ceramic products
36922694 Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
36991030*Manufacture of peat briquettes (not at mine)
 2610*Manufacture of glass wool
 2692*Manufacture of non-clay refractory products
 2695 Manufacture of articles of concrete, cement and plaster
 2696 Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone (not at quarry)
 2699*Manufacture of asbestos products; friction materials; mineral insulating materials; grindstones, abrasive products; articles of mica, graphite or other mineral substances n.e.c.
 2720*Manufacture of cermets
 3190*Manufacture of graphite products
 3699*Manufacture of vinyl asbestos floor tiles
37102710*Manufacture of primary iron and steel products (excluding forging and casting operations)
 2731 Casting of iron and steel
 2891*Forging of iron and steel
 2892*Treatment and specialized operation on iron and steel, on a fee or contract basis
 3520*Manufacture of wheels for railway cars and locomotives
 3710*Recycling of non-ferrous metal waste and scrap, outside of scrap yard
37202720*Manufacture of primary products of precious and non-ferrous metal (excluding forging and casting operations)
 2732 Casting of non-ferrous metals
 2891*Forging of precious and non-ferrous metals
 2892*Treatment and specialized operation on precious and non-ferrous metals, on a fee or contract basis
 3710*Recycling of non-ferrous metal waste and scrap
38112891*Blacksmithing, hand forging of metal products
 2893*Manufacture of metal household articles (knives, utensils, etc.); hand tools for agriculture, gardening; tools used by plumbers, carpenters, other trades; locks and general hardware
 2899*Manufacture of hand-operated kitchen appliances
 2915*Manufacture of jacks, block and tackle
 2921*Manufacture of hand lawn mowers
 3699*Manufacture of vacuum containers
38122899*Manufacture of metal goods for office use (excluding furniture)
 3150*Manufacture of metal lamps
 3311*Manufacture of medical, surgical, dental furniture and fixtures

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