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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3.1 and ISIC Rev.2

562 records found
ISIC Rev.3.1ISIC Rev.2PartDetail 
52609514 Watch, clock and jewellery repair
 9519*Other repair n.e.c.
 9520*Alteration and repair of made-up personal and household textiles
55106320 Hotels, rooming houses, camps and other lodging places
 7111*Sleeping car operation (carried on separately)
55206310 Restaurants, cafes and other eating and drinking places
 7111*Dining car operation (carried on separately)
 9340*Meals-on-wheels services
60107111*Transport via railways
60217111*Urban and suburban railway transport
 7112*Scheduled highway passenger transport
 7113*Other scheduled passenger land transport
60227113*Other non-scheduled passenger land transport
60237114*Freight transport by road
60307115 Transport via pipelines
61107121 Sea and coastal water transport
61207122*Inland water transport
62107131*Scheduled air transport
62207131*Non-scheduled air transport
63017116*Cargo handling for land transport
 7123*Cargo handling for water transport
 7132*Cargo handling for air transport
63027192 Storage and warehousing
63037111*Terminals and other railway transport supporting service activities, except switching
 7112*Terminals; maintenance facilities for road vehicles
 7114*Terminals for freight transport by road
 7116*Other supporting transport activities for land transport n.e.c.
 7122*Other supporting activities for inland water transport
 7123*Other supporting activities for water transport
 7132*Other supporting activities for air transport
 7191*Other supporting transport activities, except steamship agencies
63047191*Activities of travel agencies and tour operators
 9599*Tourist assistance activities n.e.c.
63097123*Activities of steamship agencies
 7191*Activities of other transport agencies
64117200*National post activities
64127114*Courier activities other than national post activities, by road
 7131*Courier activities other than national post activities, by air
 7191*Courier activities, with public transport
64207132*Radio beacon and radar station operation

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