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Correspondence between ISIC Rev.3 and ISIC Rev.2

586 records found
ISIC Rev.3ISIC Rev.2PartDetail 
35123841*Building and repairing of sport and pleasure boats and specialized parts
35203710*Manufacture of wheels for railway cars and locomotivesC
 3824*Manufacture of locomotive cranesC
 3831*Manufacture of railway motor control electrical equipmentC
 3842 Manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock
35303832*Manufacture of communication satellites (space vehicles)C
 3845*Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft
35913844*Manufacture of motorcycles
35923843*Manufacture of motorized invalid carriages
 3844*Manufacture of bicycles, bicycle parts
 3849*Manufacture of invalid carriages, not motorized
 3909*Manufacture of children's bicycles
35993829*Manufacture of hand carts, trucks and trolleys (including specialized industrial use)
 3849*Manufacture of hand-propelled vehicles, animal-drawn vehicles, n.e.c.
36103320*Manufacture of furniture and fixtures, except of plastics or metal
 3560*Manufacture of plastics furniture
 3812*Manufacture of furniture and fixtures of metal
36913901*Manufacture of jewellery and related articles
36923902 Manufacture of musical instruments
 3903*Manufacture of whistles, call horns, signalling instruments
36933903*Manufacture of sports goods
36943559*Manufacture of rubber toysC
 3829*Manufacture of mechanical and coin-operated amusement machines
 3844*Manufacture of children's tricycles and scootersC
 3903*Manufacture of billiard and pool tables and equipment
 3909*Manufacture of toys and games n.e.c.
36993219*Manufacture of linoleum and hard surface floor coverings
 3233*Manufacture of whips and riding crops
 3319*Manufacture of burial casketsC
 3320*Manufacture of theatrical scenery and propertiesC
 3529*Manufacture of candles, matches
 3540*Manufacture of asphalt floor tilesC
 3560*Manufacture of plastic vacuum bottles and vacuum bottle stoppersC
 3699*Manufacture of vinyl asbestos floor tilesC
 3811*Manufacture of vacuum containers
 3819*Manufacture of hand sifting or screening apparatusC
 3829*Manufacture of hand-operated floor sweepers and amusement park equipmentC
 3849*Manufacture of baby carriages
 3909*Manufacture of pens and pencils; costume jewellery; umbrellas, canes; feathers, artificial flowers; tobacco pipes; stamps; novelties; other manufactur
37103710*Recycling of non-ferrous metal waste and scrap, outside of scrap yardC

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